PSA, scratches and grade.

Hey guys,
I have received another card, and here I am with another question ahah.

The question is simple, there are these scratches on the card, I know you are not PSA (actually some of you are better than it), but can a card achieve this grade (9) with these flaws?

(I promise that this won’t be the norm, I won’t post a question every time I receive a new card, I am just new to this as you know, and I want to learn these kind of things in order to be able to judge the cards by myself).

Thanks in advance. :blush:

Judging by the label it is definitely possible. What does the back look like?


Added the back :blush:

Even 10s can have scratches. That one is particularly long so I think a 9 is the appropriate grade


You have to remeber too, that with a PSA 10/9/8, there are exceptions to the grades if the flaws don’t ruin the overall appeal and aesthetics of the card.

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I am sorry for asking, what do you mean with “judging by the label”?

While I am at it, I add one question about this…(yeah I know, I have broken my promise in something like 15 minutes :grin:)

Is this a sort of holo bleeding? You can see this just under a certain light.
(The card is a psa9 blastoise holo legendary collection)

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Poking fun at the fact that you asked if it could be a PSA 9 when it is a PSA 9. :stuck_out_tongue:

Oh ok, I didn’t get it sorry ahahahah I was trying to understand if I had missed something :grin:

Thanks to everyone that answered, guys :blush:

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@steveg, I have a Psa 9 card with the exact same looking spots on the front and back of the card that can only be seen under a bright LED light. I’m curious about this also.

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That’s a common production error in the plastic slabs. It’s not on your card at all. You can find it in a lot of slabs with the (in)correct lighting.


Really? I was 100% sure it was on the card, I will check again now

Yeah, it’s inside of the plastic. Call it a production error, an aberration, an abnormality or whatever you want, but it’s in a lot of the PSA slabs out there if you look close enough. Because it doesn’t really show at first glance or negatively affect to card’s eye appeal it’s a non-issue.


I checked again … you are right!
(You know that there is some room for the card that let it move inside the slab, I have “moved” it and those “squares” don’t move with the card)

Thanks for clarifying! :blush:

That’s what we’re here for, spreading the knowledge amongst fellow collectors.

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I can “like” your post just one time :grin:

Thanks again guys! :blush:

There’s nothing card related that could cause those pixels or whatever they are.

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On top of that; Don’t try to send it back to PSA, hoping you can re-case it into a ‘clean’ case. The situation will end up like the one in this thread:

I can’t see the pics, but I have read the Op, that sucks, anyway the “pixels” don’t annoy me, you can see them just under a certain light, so no problem. :blush: