PSA 10 grade justified ?

Wondering why psa 10s are able to get 10s when they have scratching on the holo? Also a few 10s that i have bought in the past also had holo scratching and print lines which kinda irritated me :slightly_frowning_face:

Human error

Because the graders at PSA are human and make mistakes. On average each card sent through bulk is reviewed for under a minute, they are going to miss flaws from time to time.

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Welcome to the wonderful world of grading. To your left you can see the exquisite PSA 10 which is on average the best condition card offered by PSA. It’s almost never perfect and you’ll pay out the ear for them but if you like stonks it’s a great investment.

On the right we have the beautiful PSA 9 which is almost as good if not better than many PSA 10s but you’ll be stuck with an inferiority complex and you’ll never have the full psychological satisfaction of a 10. Stonk ROIs are small to nonexistent.

We’ll skip 8-1 because no one really ever gets off at those stops.

Finally if you’re still not satisfied please transfer to ungraded where you’ll throw away any idea of a consistent standard of condition or valuation but arguably have the most wholesome experience

Thanks for riding with us today. An attendant will be coming around to validate tickets shortly

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What is a wholesome experience? I thought pokemans were made to grow the 1% into the 0.001% and the game, show apps, cards, and artistry were made to blind the sheep who cannot understand

Are you sure those aren’t on the case?

only the long ones, the rest are 100% on the card sadly

10s aren’t ever perfect. Even with the blow up visual the lines are faint. Now if you disagree that the card was mistakenly graded a 10, PSA will review it and pay you a refund if they determine your right.


You need to be careful with this, if you look at :14 (14 seconds) you can see that scratch is on the case because it extends into the non holo area towards the word “stage”. The scratch near the ear/body of Espeon in the beginning of the video could be a legit light print line, but hard to tell without having it in hand. Also, keep in mind there is allowed “a slight printing imperfection” (straight from PSA’s website standards).

Label says 10. I have some myself that look like this

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I’ve never seen a 4****** cert with holo scratching on a ten. Just buy those certs and you should be safe.


If you don’t like it, try to move it and obtain another one.

I think a lot of people don’t understand that the overall eye appeal of the card is taken into consideration when grading a card. If a card is stunning when held out at normal viewing distance, and kind of just takes your breath away with how crisp it is, yet it has a print line that is only visible by rotating the card 34 degrees under harsh light, then it is deserving of a gem mint grade in my opinion.

PSA allows for slight printing imperfections, it’s a piece of cardboard…you have to draw the line somewhere.


What you are looking for my friend is a BGS Black Label

This is just your run of the mill, PSA Gem Mint 10 with a normal, faint surface scratch. Don’t expect absolute perfection from these(why would you, they don’t advertise them as such anyways)


Wait, how can a 4420XXX cert have holo scratches?!?!


It actually cant and never will have a holo scratch. Thats beauty of the 4certz. If you see one, its actually your own vision which is beginning to decline rapidly and id recommend scheduling a surgery immediately to completely remove those faulty eyes and replace them with ones which can again see that tru beauty void of any sort of monstrosity.

A tru collector would do this asap.


It’s true about the 4420XXX certs, but funny thing is that there was a series of 44203XX certs and again a series of 44207XX certs that showcase a rare silvering edge and still come out on a 10! Variant collectors of PSA 10’s, however, have valued this much higher than the regular counterparts as they see it as a PSA error.

Truly some remarkable stuff here.



Wait this 4xxx Cert has a holo scratch? I was told All 4xxx Certs were created by God Himself and radiated with the glory and shine of His very presence.


PSA 10’s are considered Gem mint. Gem mint allows for minor flaws. The term “Pristine” is technically higher than “Gem mint” so with pristine I expect to see less flaws.

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