Deserving of a PSA 10?

Hi guys

Recently made a big purchase and wanted to get your views. Is it within a psa 10 grade to have a card with a scratch on its holo like this one? Have quite a lot of other holos and never actually seen a scratch like this on a 10 so quite bummed.

Personally, I don’t think it should get a 10.
But I have 10s and have seen other 10s with equal or worse scratching. 10s are allowed to have flaws and it seems that PSA sometimes allows holo scratches. The grading scale is subjective enough that I wouldn’t call it a misgrade. I would say it is indeed a “PSA 10”, but I personally wouldn’t value it much higher than a 9 and would be very disappointed to get a 10 with a scratch like that.


There’s always a chance it was Billy at the slab press again. Hard to think something that deep got a 10.

ok, this is depressing…

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You can have the grade reviewed and if it drops down a grade, PSA will compensate the value difference between the 10 and whatever it might get.

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i get the feeling that psa will brush it off as a ten, similar to that psa 10 blastoise that surfaced months ago which looked terrible - to avoid a very significant payout; it’s a 1st ed chansey after all

Yeah, this hurt my soul. Definitely would get that reviewed myself. If I was PSA I would value my credibility and standards as a grading company higher than the payout.


Almost all PSA 10s will have 1-2 minor flaws upon close inspection. PSA 10s are ‘virtually perfect’ cards, not perfect cards. If there’s nothing else wrong with that card it might get a BGS Pristine 10 with a 9.5 on surface.

If you want the guarantee of a perfect card, wait for a BGS Black Label version and have your wallet ready.


Borderline 10 for me if the card is perfect otherwise. Have already seen worse scratching on a PSA 10 but the rest of the card was flawless.
It really comes down to how you personally value holo scratches.

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I’d love to hear from more people here who have done this kind of review before. My fairly inexperienced guess is that they will stay firm on the grade and it will just be a waste of time and shipping expenses.

Are there any flaws other than the scratch?


It was communicated as a strong 10 / absolute beauty which is why I ponied up and paid well above what I personally would pay for a regular 10; didn’t expect to see a scratch the moment I opened the package and on the most expensive card I’ve ever bought too

I’m not clueless about psa 10s and own plenty of non-perfect 10s, but I paid lower prices for them obviously e.g. the poliwrath that just ended on pwcc which was very OC I bought below what i think a normal poliwrath would be worth (c.1.4k? i think)

*Edit: card is well centered with minimal whitening, although there’s a small speck of dirt stuck on the card too beyond the scratch

Yeah sorry there’s no way that’s a 9.5 surface. 8.5 would be generous.

Also that is a classic pure profit motivation type response I see from flippers that care more about the grade than the card lol. Be careful using that line, some people will be very upset.

Has anyone actually done the compensation from a 10 to 9 before? How do they determine current market value of 10 and 9?

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Simply untrue. I’ve had several BGS Surface 9.5 cards come through my possession with far worse damage. If the rest of the surface is spotless, that’s an easy 9.5.

I’m not espousing my personal beliefs, I’m just stating a fact. PSA’s standard allows for minor flaws and most PSA 10s are not going to be 100% spotless.

If people want to cry about it that’s fine.

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Sorry, that isn’t just a line for flippers. It is a fact, and just because you don’t accept that, doesn’t mean its not true.

I know very well the difference between a 10 and a 9. This isn’t a 10, but a seller with the card wanting to offload it would definitely use that line when the person receiving it questions it.

So yes, its a line for flippers. Prove me wrong on that. No collector would be happy seeing another person unhappy with their card being overgraded.

I also know the difference between a 9 and 10, as do most collectors, and a 10 doesn’t mean perfect. THIS particular situation is different as he paid over market value for a “strong 10”, which it clearly isn’t. You can choose if you want a flawless 10 collection, that is your decision. But to say if it has a flaw its no longer a 10? Better round up 60-70% of the PSA 10 population as they should be dropped to a 9s.

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Surface damage on holofoils is extremely noticeable. I’m not sure why you think 60-70% of PSA 10s would have scratches this deep on the holo - because they don’t. To compare this scratch to slight off-centering or a small nick of whitening is asinine.

That this is sitting in a 10 case is nearly guaranteed to be the minimum wage lackey on the slabbing line.

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I would be disappointed. The PSA 10 version of this card is 10x the price of the PSA 9. It’s probably one of the most significant price jumps from a PSA 9 to 10 card.

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