PSA Regrades

In an effort to not piss those who love PSA off, I’ll do my best to keep most of my thoughts to myself :wink: .

Well, I have received 4 submissions back, and the first 3 are pretty much perfect apart from 1 card that dropped significantly for no reason, and another receiving a 10 when it had a massive dent in it. The dropped card I want regraded.

In my final submission, the grades have been terrible in a lot of places. I sent in an excellent at best Treecko gold star, it got a 10. The wear on it can be spotted from a mile away. I sent in 7 shining mews, all gem mint. The first got a 10, and suddenly the rest got 9s. I’ve looked at these extensively and can’t see any spotting or anything at all for that matter. I’d scream population control if it wasn’t going to annoy people. Now I also have a full set of blue back topsuns all in pack fresh condition. As in there’s like nothing wrong with these. As a test I sent in just a few of the more valuable ones. Pikachu came back a 9, then suddenly Blastoise, Charmander and Charizard dropped to 4s and 6s. I’ve seen 4s and 6s before, these aren’t it. Masakis. I sent in 12 masaki promos and 4 came back as a 6, and only 1 as a 10. I’ve looked into it and have found out that there’s packaging problems which cause the defect dropping them to a 6 regularly. After inspecting mine, a couple of the 9s have the defect, but none of the 6s have it. Finally, I sent in a few trainer mag sets. Everything is absolutely gem mint as that’s how I bought them. All cards received a 10 apart from 1 card in the main set (dragonite line). Not venting about this, though I saw them destroying the set from the beginning… just want it regraded.

So, I have a fair few cards I want regraded. I will regrade them once in the hope that two separate grades will get rid of the chance they misgraded, but also I am the sort of person who will constantly send a card back in till it gets what I think it deserves. If these all come back the same, then so be it. I’ll live with that and the fact that I’ve obviously missed something. I don’t want a card getting a grade it doesn’t deserve, I’m pissed about the treecko getting a 10 when it clearly didn’t deserve it. My PSA 5 1st ed venusaur was in better condition than it, but that was dropped by 5 grades in comparison!

Now, what are my options? These cards are too valuable for me to risk breaking slabs here and there. I also don’t trust PSA to regrade without bias if I send the slabs in. Suggestions welcome :blush: .

I recommend the “minimum grade” service that PSA offers. If you are unfamiliar, PSA will not slab a card that does not receive the “minimum grade” designated in your submission. Of course, you still pay the grading fee, but there is no extra charge. This makes it easy to re-submit cards without busting them out of a slab.


You were shocked by your Masaki grades until someone here educated you about the imprints on the back corners. You say those imprints were ‘brought to your attention’ but little more than a cursory glance is needed to see them so it calls into question how well you see the cards during pregrading. It’s very tough to see the imprints through the case and for many you can’t.

The 95 Topsuns are notorious tough graders often for misalignment issues…so don’t be shocked again:)

90% of Shining Mews have a slight corner roll that deserves a 9.

Every so often a dent is overlooked. If so, the grade should be corrected so somebody else doesn’t get blindsided or ‘ripped off’. Curious why anybody would knowingly grade a card with a ‘massive dent’ unless it was a '52 Mantle, except by accident. But each to their own on this one.

It’s concerning to many of us to hear you are the ‘type’ to send in the same card many times till it gets what YOU believe it deserves…translation:to find a grader that overlooks the flaw all the other graders saw.

Not to pick on you but, I couldn’t buy or trade with you because I’d be afraid of getting gamed:(


Typo in my first post. I’ll update here:

Literally the most important word in that sentence and I missed it out. Basically, if on two separate occassions it receives the same grade, I will 100% take that as the grade as I know I’m not the professional here! Don’t take me wrong, I would never resubmit multiple times for a better grade, as I said, I’m pissed that my treecko got a 10.

As for the comments:

I actually knew about the corner thing for masakis, my question in the graded thread was more of a way to see if there was anything else. I did look for the corner marks, and some of them had them. The ones which have them have been graded 8/9. The ones which didn’t are 6s. I know it’s harder to see through the slab, but when you have slabs with the mark to compare against, it’s quite easy.

Thanks for the comment on topsuns, surely though it’d receive a qualifier as opposed to a lower grade if it’s just centering?

And yeah, the rolling edges is a pain. I wasn’t sure how they’d grade on that. I know a couple of them didn’t exhibit it, but I was a fool to not mark down which ones, as it’s impossible to see through the slab. Just realised one got an 8 though, so very confused there.

With the typo the paragraph doesn’t really make sense :stuck_out_tongue:

Without typo:

Oh, considering the typo I mostly take back what I said:)

I went through several of these before getting a PSA 10. :slightly_frowning_face:

I’m definitely up for regrading a couple of these once to see if the results are different. I just don’t trust PSA to regrade without bias if I leave in the case. Has anyone done this before, and have results ever changed?

@garyis2000 submitted some of my graded japanese gold stars for review service, 3 out of 4 were bumped from PSA 9 to PSA 10 and no damage at all from reholdering. No need to break cards out of cases, if they think grade should remain as same they’ll just ship them back in original condition.

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If you don’t trust PSA, why are you submitting to them? Just curious.

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This was my first shipment, so there was no way to tell before now :blush: . First 3 submissions are fine, but results definitely seem over the place on the last one. I’ll upload pics of the treecko at some point and you’ll see what I mean…

What’s your pre screening process like?

On the other side of the spectrum. This definitely was overlooked by the grader. This is a PSA 9 Japanese Charizard ex (deck series)…

I have a worse condition PSA 10 treecko star 1st. I have no idea what they were on when they graded it tbh :dizzy_face:. It was so bad I picked it up in store for $20, just wanted it in a case for encapsulation purposes, but expected a 6 at best.

@viral you have a scan of that you can share?

Once I take it out of the box again (I’ve sold it so will need to) I will share :blush: .

how much was the regrading services and if i send in a psa 9 and it comes back a 9 do i still pay the regrading services?

The cost is the same as a raw card submission. You pay regardless of result.

and cheers might send in my psa 9 charizard in the regrade and hope it comes back a 10 :blush: