PSA now showing card errors on labels

Oh great, now I’m going to have to compete with all of the people picking up error cards to complete their registry sets…


POP report going to be a little messy. Then again, I always take PSA’s pop report with a grain of salt, knowing that it isn’t truly 100% factual due to the breaking cards out of their cases. The best it’s going to get.


They’ve recognized this one for probably at least 6 months now. I got mine reslabbed last year

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What is the best method of getting in touch with PSA to broach a card or variant not in their database?

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Oh then I’ll try it and send in this card soon:




Can’t like this post hard enough.

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Whats the error on this one?

I believe it is supposed to have the Line Holo but doesn’t

@JoshsOddCollection is correct, it has the holo layer of a V. It is the same error as the last card in the original post!

What is PSA referring to when they say “Incomplete Holo Error”?

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I’ve seen these added to the pop because they are on with 3rd prints. Now I’ve seen this one I’m still unsure. Too much damage to really tell what’s what but maybe it’s the streak running vertically thats the main thing. We could do with seeing a mint copy. Tbh psa is all over the place with errors hopefully it’ll all make sense down the road.

They need to create an error guide if they’re planning to use terms that aren’t already used by other companies (CGC).

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Maybe the very top part is mirror holo?? Really hard to tell bc of the condition

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If they are starting to recognize mirror holos and no shimmer/sparkle variants, I have some cards to submit…


Totally agree. They should be either all in or all out and make things clear.


Here’s an example of a more mint card that got the incomplete holo designation that a friend of mine submitted. It’s like only the main diamonds of the holo pattern are present and the rest is just a sort of mirror holo

These are usually referred to as “no shimmer/sparkle” errors. They’re sometimes recognized by CGC as an “incomplete holo error” as well, but CGC has only very recently done this. It will be absolutely nuts if PSA/CGC attempt to grade all of the no shimmer/sparkle errors because they exist on a spectrum (below).

Normal Holo → No Shimmer/Sparkle (Minor) → No Shimmer/Sparkle (Major) → Complete Mirror Holo

You can tell the differences pretty quickly with a very bright LED light. A minor variant will show some level of sparkle under extremely bright LED, but not as much as normal. A major variant will only show the “stars” under extremely bright LED. A mirror holo will show absolutely no shimmer or stars under extremely bright LED.

Maybe some day I’ll write an article on here about No Shimmer/Sparkle and Mirror Holo variants.


Maybe they could add another grade to signify the severity of the error? Lmfao. Autos get a seperate grade so it’s not a complete stretch. :slight_smile: