New CGC prices released

The new CGC prices were just released:

Also note that error cards no longer cost any extra to grade!

I will say that these prices are very competitive, it will be interesting to see how this affects the graded card market overall :slight_smile:


I’d like to note that any actual error submitted previously could have been sent through the regular tier and the cards would have gotten the same treatment as if you paid 5$ extra.

At least in my experience. So the 0$ fee just makes sense as they were doing all the extras for free before.


If you sent recognized errors through (cards that appear on the label, such as Ink Stain Haunter) then those are allowed to go through the normal tier, it’s one-off errors such as additional ink errors or odd printing errors that you had to pay the $5 extra for :slight_smile:

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As competitive as the prices are and as attractive as no additional cost for grading errors (thats probably going to help explode the scene again), I cant bring myself to be interested in CGC with their recent change and possible instability. Back to binder hoarding for me.


Yeah I’m still not sure what I’m going to do with my collection honestly. I think I’ll keep an eye on ebay for a while and see how the new slabs affect the market :slight_smile:

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Okay so $10.80 with my membership for bulk…that can work


And it would be $9.60 with an Elite membership. Definitely competitive pricing, I’ll give them that.

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Didn’t realize they also got rid of the dumb $5 handling fee too, that’s another plus lol


To get 8 cards reslabbed, they want $25 return shipping. So $65 + my shipping cost to them, hardly worth it. I might as well just crack them and send to PSA. These are all $100-150 PSA 10s


Is that the standard membership rate?

That is the Associate + Premium price


What are they worth now as is?

Yep like Josh said, I have premium. They gave me a good deal at recent renewal on it and got the $150 credit

Yeah doing the math you need to grade more than 100ish cards to make elite worth it (at bulk only) over the standard associate

One off ink errors worked too!!

Damn you got really lucky then because that’s not supposed to happen :joy: Nice :slight_smile:

The main question I have in all of this is, how long will it take PSA to respond to the pricing change? New special in August?


I’m really curious about this as well. Would love to see PSA lower their prices in response.

I am curious too. Lower prices and quicker turnaround times than PSA. Something has to give.

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I just sent my holo bleed hitmontop to CGC to get the blue label slab before the end… I am hoping they will give it the insufficient white ink error so I don’t waste $15 to grade the error.