PSA Certification App

If your phone isn’t cluttered up enough with apps there’s a new one for you. The NEW PSA Cert App is ready to load onto both IOS and Android. In just one click you’ll be ready to enter the cert number for verification.
It’s simply designed for speed with no frills…sorta like me;)


Saw this in my inbox. Will check it out.

Edit: Best part is the ‘Same grade’ count.

It was tested 2 months ago and bugs needed fixing. It just went live and all members should be notified.
This notification is for non-members who can double check items prior to purchasing.

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I like it, simple, does what it says with no bullshit.

The NEW PSA Cert app! For those who can’t be bothered to look it up on the computer!

Don’t get me wrong, I’ll get it, but it doesn’t seem that useful.

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That’s what I thought too lol. Seems like a waste of memory.

I think it is most useful for when you are purchasing graded cards at a show or convention.

Otherwise I can find most things on the internet in ~5 seconds. :wink:


Actually, I never use a computer. Just an iPad and 6+.
So for others like me that never use a computer it does save some steps hence, some time;)


This for sure.

We have to remember that sports cards are still the primary concern of PSA. Haha.
Shows are a big deal for them, and this app is definitely useful in that scene.

i downloaded it, it pretty useful, i like it :blush:

I downloaded it as well. I’ll echo what @milhouse says. It does one thing, but it does it damn well.

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