Random PSA Cert Game

Go to a number randomiser site like random.org and make the random number between 1 and 25 million.

When you do that use the PSA Cert App or go to PSA and post which card you got. Doesn’t matter if it isn’t Pokemon.


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So many Sports cards


ooo pop 1

Hmmm…this is my luck lol.

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Needs a “0” at the start.


Ofcourse lol. Thanks.
At least it’s a Nolan Ryan:)

When the 25th million card was certified, I looked up the grade & it was a popular Cubs baseball player. I set up eBay searches & checked frequently for at least a month trying to find it. Never did…

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I didn’t get anything with 422646

Then got 11627340 which is a 1961 Topps Willie McCovey EX 5:

Went unsold on eBay for $30USD

Note that the 25 millionth graded card was graded around the time they were labeling certs in the mid 24 millions. Just some garbage PR scam to get them some publicity and label a card as they wished with the big label. Must have been for someone with a big vested interest in the company. I know because I looked it up when I had some cards come back 24,997,XXX and figured I was only 3k or so labels away from the big one. All that just to find out months prior the 25,000,000 label had been given out to some PSA 10 sports card.