Smart Phone Scanning - Update your PSA collection records!

Hi All!

I don’t know if other people have easier methods but I found this useful software/app that enables you to use your smartphone to scan barcode information to your PC or Mac. I used it to add a bunch of PSA serial numbers to my excel collection record. I made a quick Youtube guide which I will post below, hope it is helpful to others!


Thanks for the concise & informative video - will definitely be using this once I get my returns!

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Another option is the PSA set registry app. It has barcode and QR functionality and adds the cards directly to your collection on

Not exactly the same as what you are doing here but just an FYI :blush:


Oh wow, Didn’t know this! Thank you. This helped me quite a bit :grin:

Thanks this is good to know! :blush: I registered and keep meaning to do something with it but I have trying to catch up with my spreadsheet first as it has my other data such as purchasing and sales etc.

This is really cool. I need to use this eventually. Thanks for the video!

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Thank you and no problem :grin:

You can bookmark threads in the actions drop down box, problem is I have no idea where to find the bookmarks afterwards?!