PSA 10 Japanese Shining Gyarados/Mewtwo

Anyone up-to-date with the values of these guys? Thanks

Well if we don’t count the last auction that a PSA 10 Mewtwo went for Id probably personally asking $600+ for a copy.

As for Gyarados, I’d say $350. Seems to have no problem selling at that price on eBay

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Thanks bud. The Gyarados seems pretty steady you’re right.

Are you saying $330 for mewtwo is TOO low??

Haha :laughing: RIP auctions…


Wait are you serious?

I know of like 3 different ones selling privately for $600+


That was what my auction went for recently haha.

Almost never see raw shining japanese mewtwos on ebay, under $400 would be a steal for a 10 IMO

You listed all the things!