PSA 10 Chinese Charizard.

Who owns this? Where is it? There’s ONE PSA 10 unilimited on the pop report.

Does anyone know who owns it? I want it.



yes who owns it. sell to me because im cooler then @guangsta

I always thought you owned that one? It has been on the pop report for a long time.

The 1st Edition Charizard still has pop 0

you sure its been on the pop report for a long time?

you sure??

it could be a japanese one mistaken for chinese.
PSA has done this on occasion. They have also called
regular tyranitars shining tyranitar in japanese for the
WOTC sets.

Wow. This pop report makes me EXTREMELY excited for the submission that I just sent out… I had no idea how few Chinese 1st edition cards were graded. I may or may not have just opened a Chinese 1st edition box that may or may not have had ALL 3 STARTERS IN AMAZING LOOKING CONDITION.

Damn. These next 20 business days are going to drag. Especially considering the short business weeks coming up.


Just got a 50 day submission back in 22 days so here’s hoping they get it done quicker than that lol

A lot of those on the POP report are from me I believe. Look how bad a time I’ve had reaching for a 1st edition Chinese Charizard. I’ve had at least 10 copies of that card pass through my hands so far…

Are you collecting or going to sell?

I have completed both sets in 9 and 10…but as you can see… always interested in a Charizard 10. Might have to crack open my booster box. :frowning:

Yeah it’s been there ages. At least as long as I’ve been collecting Chinese cards…2 years?

I just made this post to try and flush it out somehow…!

I plan to sell enough to at least get me back even on the box, so whatever that takes will be for sale at a minimum. Hopefully just a couple cards can do that and I may keep more, but I typically sell 10’s as I can never really justify holding a card so expensive when 9’s do me plenty satisfaction for a fraction of the cost. Chinese is one set that I don’t have EXC+ binder collections though which is something I want in all base set languages. If I ever acquire that, I will be able to more easily part with the graded ones as well. I’ll be sure to update the grading results thread when I get notice from PSA of shipment.

Sweet, nice one. Well i have plenty of gem cards left from this set which I will get round to grading. I’ll probably be able to help you complete the set later down the line.

Good luck with your grades mate - they graded mine extra harshly when I sent in the whole set in one sub. How were the backs of yours? The holo being at the back of the pack facing the seal doesn’t help!

I was shocked to find the holos as being at the end of the packs instead of buried in the middle of the cards! I don’t know why they did that. That is the side I always open packs from and the second that I saw a rare sitting at the top of the first pack I was praying it was an error and that I wouldn’t find holos in the same position. I saw some holos that definitely had some edge whitening most likely due to the poor choice of holo placement. However, as a whole they looked really good.

The starters especially, with charizard literally probably being the nicest looking of the bunch. I take scans of all the highest dollar cards of my submission since some issues in the past, so here they be! Good Italian pulls as well.

Imgur is dead. Here are the backs. Will add fronts later.

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Which one is charizard? They all look great! Best of luck mate

I will try again to add front photos later tonight. Imgur kept giving me issues. Must not have been able to handle all that beauty.


Here they be! Imgur was still dead, but used another site.


what langague are them second charizards

The second charizard i think is from the Italian Base Set

Correct. Chinese trio and Italian venubae and zardling. @pokemonsyndicate I shall have the pop 1 zardlings! Less than the no raritan!

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dame you have so much i want its unreal haha :blush: