Pronunciation Problems in Pokemon

This was just something that I thought was fun. I personally am no god at pronunciation and I usually butcher some names badly. So this is just a discussion about thing that we pronounce wrong or are hard to say in Pokemon.
Here are a few examples:

  • Ecruteak Gym
  • Arceus

There were a couple that I remember I thought were weird when I first heard other people pronounce them:

-Solgaleo. I pronounce it Soul-galley-oh (with a sort of rise in intonation), but I found out a lot of other people pronounce it Soul-ga-leigh-oh (downward moving intonation)

-Arceus is another. I pronounce it Arse-e-us; I’ve heard others pronounce it with a hard C (Ark-e-us)

-Necrozma too. I pronounce it Neck-raw-z-ma. I’ve heard others say Neck-row-z-ma. Not a big difference, but it was still weird given that I was pronouncing it one way in my head the whole time.


Something similar which was discussed.



This reminds me that I only very recently realized it was called PhanPy and PhanPHy. I’ve had this Pokemon’s name wrong since its release in Gen 2 :sweat_smile:


Didn’t even realize it. Thanks for sharing

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According to antique roadshow Nidoking is N-eye-doking and not N-ee-doking :rofl:


Or Nih doh king

You can imagine how italian kids butchered these names back on the days. Yes the anime helped, but we were reading the name in our way lol





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This only goes to gen 5, but the Pokédex 3D Pro app (game?) for the 3DS has all of the official pronunciations: Pokédex 3D Pro- ALL Pokémon Pronunciations [3DS] - YouTube

They’ve actually pronounced it both ways, which is kind of weird. The actual official way is Ark-e-us, but in Battle Revolution they used Arse-e-us.

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When @smpratte tries to say Celebi :sweat_smile:


Everyone looks at me funny when I say Poke-e-man’s. What am I doing wrong?

Pacifidloge. Always called it Pacific-lodge since you know Pacific Ocean. I didn’t realize I’d been calling it wrong since I was a kid until fairly recently.

Also it started as a meme because Wolfy calls it Cinder-achy but I’ve started actually calling it that now instead of Cinderace. It sounds better.

My beef:

  • people who say “reh-gice” instead of “regi-ice”
  • people who say “sway-cune” :eyes:
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Pokédex 3D Pro- ALL Pokémon Pronunciations [3DS] - YouTube :sunglasses:


I made this mistake too and I honestly cant correct myself. Phanpy sounds wrong and Ill continue calling it panphy

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The proper pronunication is actually “ray-QWAY-zuh,” but I have always said “ray-QWA-zuh.”


Suicune has been my favorite legendary forever.

For years I had it in my head as Soo-ee-saween. Not really sure why, guess I just never bothered to read it properly. Finally heard the proper pronunciation in the anime, and absolutely hated it. I think my pronunciation is way better. Sounds more legendary my way haha.

I think Suicune messed up a lot of kids, I had it as Soo-ee-seen for a decade.

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well that’s a new one. Don’t think I’ve ever heard of that one.

the man himself says otherwise