Promo Additions

Hey everybody,

I just bought/received the following promos for my collection:

001/L-P Meganium
002/L-P Feraligatr
005-010/L-P HGSS Release Campaign Promos
019/L-P Daisuki Club Pikachu + 014/L-P Lightning Energy
022/L-P Sentret
023/L-P Professor Elm’s Training Method
024-25/L-P Battle Tour Hoothoot + Noctowl
040/L-P Wobbuffet
047-48/L-P World Championship Lugia + Ho-oh
067/L-P Shuckle

Giftbox Pikachu Star 001/002

N64 Snorlax + Porygon with folder

I got a few duplicates of some of the L-P promos, let me know if you’re looking for any.

nice cards :blush:

and I would trade for the giftbox pikachew star

Along with your 06, 08 and 09 wind sets, which will be sent out tomorrow since the post office was closed today :blush:

Scott, I can’t wait for the 3 worlds sets, thank you so much! I also just bought 12 sealed Meiji Chocolate cards, a sealed Dominos Pizza Great Slowking promo, and the 3 BW collection sheets as well. I can’t wait for all my cards!

They are promo cards that were released during the ADV, PCG, and DP promo eras. The ones I bought are DP-P ones still sealed in the plastic.

Update, just got a
DPt3 Charizard vs Garchomp Deck
DPt Entry Pack
ADV Jolteon EX Deck
Team Rocket Red Deck
Fan Club Magazine Vol 4
Trainer Mag Vol 5 + 6
Information Pack Vol 4
Shopping Pikachu 079/L-P
ANA Dragonite + Pikachu
ANA Togepi
L2 Alph Lithograph
and a lot of Coro Coro promos and E-series 1 cards!

Received Tropical worlds 2006, 2008, and 2009 sets from scott today, yay!

Remember to put a ref in the official thread :stuck_out_tongue:

Your collection is getting better and better!

This transaction was through eBay, should I still leave a reference on here?

Bah, why did I assume it was here?

You can if you want to, it might help in the long run when you are looking to trade here :blush:

Update, just got the BW collection sheets, 058/L-P Lapras, a few star pokemon (Gyarados, Suicune, Alakazam), and a few McDonalds mini-series cards (Pikachu, Charmander)

Just got a VS Morty’s Murkrow and 16 holos from the ADV/PCG series.

Just received a few sealed decks: DP Bastiodon Deck, Magmortar Vs Electivire Deck, Aqua Deck

Hey all,

Just received a bunch of promos!

Just received a sealed Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign L-P set
071 – Kyogre – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign
072 – Groudon – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign
073 – Palkia – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign
074 – Dialga – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign
075 – Rayquaza – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign
076 – Deoxys – Legendary Pokemon Present Campaign

and a sealed hyper rank Daisuki Club Raichu 044/L-P

and some unpeeled CoroCoro promos:
Giovanni’s Nidoking
Koga’s Ninja Gym
Hama-chan’s Slowking
002/P Rocket’s Sneasel

and 003/L-P Typhlosion promo
and Charizard Star 052/068

wow nice L-Ps

Thanks! Took me awhile to find them at a decent price.

how much did you get them for less than $150?

no no not that cheap

just bought these 8 jumbo promos: