Professor Program Promos Master Set List

Is there a master set list out there of Professor Program Promos that exist? Today I found out there was a Judge card from SVI with the Professor Program stamp. How do people find these? And how do we spread the knowledge? There is also a PAL Voltorb with the stamp too! What other ones are there from Gen 9??


No clue but these are likely some of the rarest.
I don’t know their actual release and borrowed this image from dpersin1 on instagram.


oh noooo I never felt the need to add an English-only section on my Full Art trainers SR/HR/SAR/CHR spreadsheet but it’s itching…

yikes those stamps are fire

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oh shit, I NEED that Raihan, time to look for them

Nobody tell him




Got a new Voltorb at NAIC yesterday :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

This card, which replaces the Paldea Evolved promo Voltorb given out at LAIC and EUIC earlier in the 2024 season, is exclusive to Pokémon Professors who complete the “Voltorb Drill” at major tournaments.

Effectively a lovely chat with your team Mentor which includes one or two specific scenario questions. As far as I’m aware, no one has ever “failed” one of these drills :rofl:


That’s the same as the one from LAIC and EUIC right?

No, that was the Paldea Evolved Voltorb shown earlier in this thread.


Omg I just realized that! Ugh so that’s two Voltorbs lol

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Just saw pictures of Community Center from TWM. With a new holo pattern as well!


Can confirm that this is the new Professor Cup tournament entry promo, first awarded at the Cup that was held during Professor Conference 2024 in Mexico City.

Notably this is the first time we’ve seen a “Top 4” stamp for these sort of event cards, with the recent Cups having Top 8 stamped promos. Possibly due to the VG and GO tournaments having smaller attendances on average than the TCG events.


So there’s no Top 8 version of this card? And is there is a “Champion” version of this card out there as well?

Seems like there are a few versions of the card:

  • regular
  • staff
  • Top 8 (Not 100% sure, but I have been told it exists)
  • Top 4
  • Champion

Confirmed with an organiser that Top 8 does still exist

Five versions of this promo, oh dear :sweat_smile:

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Crazy stuff, I think my new goal might just be to at the very least, collect high res pictures of each card. Seems like it’s almost impossible to collect every card!