Professor Program stamped placement cards

Absolutely speechless this morning. Turns out the Top 8 and Champion players of the Pokémon Professor Cup in Stuttgart this weekend, get exclusive stamped placement cards for the first time.

Bad time to be a Brilliant Stars master set collector. Even if they give out Friends in Galar at every Professor Cup this season (likely around 5-6 more in total), then the Champion one might end up as one of the rarest modern promo cards of all time.

For context - the Professor Cups are multiple fun format tournaments held throughout the year, and are usually exclusive to those that are a Stage 1 Professor and above. You can see upcoming events here:

Who will I be seeing at San Diego? :sweat_smile:


Amen for this promo being one of the rarest, however, give it credit. These kind of cards give the incentive for competitive play to start up and that’s never a bad thing. Good card choice though, non? Couldn’t have picked a better card tbh.


I am excited for these - Bare in mind these events are exclusive for Professors/Judges only, and would only encourage more people to learn to be a Professor, as opposed to the playerbase as a whole.


Wow. We don’t often seen English cards with such incredibly low distribution numbers, do we? I don’t keep my finger on the pulse of modern promos that much but this seems really significant, right? Not just for the current market but for the history of English prize/trophy/participation cards.


Outside of the Champion stamped International Championship promo cards, and Worlds promos, these in theory will be right up there in terms of rarity. Just checked and potentially six more events scheduled or “coming soon”.

We also dont know how long they will keep them as Friends in Galar as there is no precendence for this usually. Perhals til the end of the season.

Conservative estimates would put this specific promo at these numbers, assuming that:

Champion: 7 copies
Top 8: 56 copies
Non-stamped 500-1000 copies

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I felt my heart kick. Want.