Professor Elm "Professor" Error

I sent in a card recently to PSA and was wondering what people would consider for a price on the card? I ask because I typically do not see the error ever on ebay and this copy is also graded PSA 10.

Is the error the stamp/whatever thing?

Oh wow, that’s a pretty cool error. How much did you get the card for originally? It helps to know the un-graded prices of cards. Do you know of any others that have sold?

Yes, the error is the ghost stamp, similar to the 1st Edition Ghost pikachu. And I do not know of any selling and have never seen one graded either.

Oh wow, so this is pretty much a one-of-a-kind error. Did you receive it yourself through the Professor Program, or did you buy it? If you bought it, how much did you pay (if you don’t mind sharing)?

I have a Prerelease card similar to this. It has the Staff shadow but no stamp. The foil on the pre-release stamp is still there though.

AhHa! Found it!

I remember this showing on the 'gym a few years ago… very similar error.

Wish I could help on the value. But I’ve never seen one sell before.