Procedure for autographs at Long Beach Collectacon

Hi all. I plan to attend my first Collectacon in Long Beach this weekend and there’s a few voice actors I’ll be trying for signatures from for my Pokemon and Yugioh cards. Among them Veronica Taylor, Dan Green (Yugi), Eric Stuart (Kaiba) and possibly Charles Martinet. I’ve never gotten autographs at a con before so had a few questions:

  1. Is the line really long? Is it logistically feasible to get them all in one day?
  2. What’s the usual cost for autographs? Do they charge separately for a photo?
  3. Are you limited to one card per person? Eric Stuart was the voice of Brock, James and Kaiba so I was wondering if I could get him to sign a Here Comes Team Rocket and Blue Eyes White Dragon :sweat_smile:

Any tips from someone whos done this at collectacon would be much appreciated!

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Lines will likely be long but id imagine you could get them all done in a day.

They should post pricing on the site but id expect them to charge around 50-60 usd per item. Apperently Eric was charging 60 a few weeks ago in New York Area.

There isnt usually a limit as you pay per item i know someone that got 10 items signed at once from Eric for example.

Yes they charge extra for photo with them again likely 50-60usd if i had to guess

Veronica and charles are pretty nice they may be cheaper like 30 usd but id expect dan and eric atleast to be $50+ per item.

Some signers charge more for a premium item such as a certain card etc but id think the ones you memtioned above should be fine.


That’s good to know! I had no idea they charged more for some items! Just curious, which signers charge more for premium cards? I do have a beat up 1st edition SDK BEWD and SDY Dark Magician that I wanted signed, hopefully they won’t charge me more lol.

The con website should list their information or the voice actors site or flyer should show con pricing/rules.

I did check their website and I found a list of the guests, but not what their fees are sadly. Maybe I missed it: Long Beach Special Guests - Collect-A-Con

Dan Green will have the longest wait time. Expect to wait maybe a few hours? The other voice actors you named are at all the cons and usually have quick lines.

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I dont think any of the ones you mentioned will be charging a premium rate maybe Dan Green as i never got him.

But know mainstream actors will sometimes charge more to sign items like lightsabers or funko pops.

Sarah natochenny for example ( the newer voice of ash)

charges premium rates depending on the card she signs. I think she thinks to highly of her autograph for example at a con in Canada this weekend shes charging

50 cdn for 8x10
65 cdn for 11x17

Additional 30 cdn for funkos

Additional charge for cards depending on rarity of 20-230 cdn.

Photos with her $40 cdn.

I fully get paying maybe $20-30 extra for a card…but $230 extra to sign a rare card is a pass for me.


Wow that’s wild! I had no idea some people charged so much. I’m pretty new to autographing in the US so this is all great info for me.

Auto + catchphrase + print = $90

He also spent a generous amount of time chatting with us and doing a lot of fan interactions.

Easily worth it.


Just to update everyone, I was able to get all the autographs I wanted. Below are some of my favorite cards :).

If anyone was interested to know the price per auto, it was:
Veronica Taylor - $40
Dan Green - $60
Eric Stuart - $60
Charles Martinet - $80

Dan Green’s line was the longest on Saturday, about 2.5 hours. Veronica also took a solid 1.5-2 hours. I didn’t catch Charles until the very end of the day so not sure about him, but it looked very busy midday also.

I personally like the ones where Ash/Red appears on the card :slight_smile:

I’m waiting to get Jesse’s VA’s autograph on this one too!

Mario Pikachu is way out of my budget but this was a nice auto too.