Printable WOTC Set Checklists [UPDATED]

Here are checklists I use to keep track of my collection.
Feel free to print them out for your use. :blush:
If you spot any errors/have suggestions, please drop me a message or post below!

All checklists are in .PDF format and can be downloaded via DropBox.

The checklists include:
Base Set

  • 1st Edition
  • Shadowless
  • Unlimited
  • ‘99-00’/4th Print


  • 1st Edition & Unlimited


  • 1st Edition & Unlimited
  • ‘99-00’/3rd Print

Base Set 2

Team Rocket

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Gym Heroes

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Gym Challenge

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Neo Genesis

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Neo Discovery

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Neo Revelation

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Neo Destiny

  • 1st Edition & Unlimited

Legendary Collection

  • Regular & Reverse Holo

e-Expedition: Base Set

  • Regular & Reverse Holo


  • Regular & Reverse Holo


  • Regular & Reverse Holo

Perhaps Google Docs would work better?

It’s free and you can set the share function so that anyone with the link can use the file. :blush:

LOL these ads ARE NOT Safe For Work D:

This will help!

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You could also visit!
It is a German site but not too hard to cope with. Simply select the set you are looking to get a list of at the left hand side and go to “Druckliste” which means printlist. The link gives you a complete list of the set, ready to be printed :sunglasses:

Or add it to dropbox and send public links :blush:

Also random, are you TheDucktamer08 on the gym?


Yes, that’s me.

I made a dropbox account. Do you know how I can make the lists public?

I believe you right click on the file (or use the menu if you’re on the site) and click get public link. It’ll give you something like this:

All of the links seem to be dead and might need some updating :confused:

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Sorry Martin, we will see what’s up!

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Sorry! I’ll get the links fixed and make the PDFs. :blush:



Really well done, Thanks!

Amazing work @bluey,

I wouldn’t mind helping out and doing some post-WOTC checklists - is there any chance you could send me a doc version of one of them to copy off?