Prime Cards

Thoughts on the future value or market for the Prime cards? I see them as overlooked and forgotten but I always thought they had a unique artwork with several popular species (i.e. Umbreon, Espeon) and may be sought after in the future. At the moment they are relatively obtainable with reasonable prices both graded and ungraded. Just looking for advice before I go out and buy. Thanks!

Umbreon and Espeon in 10s are the safest buys imo.

Everything else is pretty forgettable.

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How dare you. Raichu Prime makes me weak at the knees


Buy it if you like it but don’t count on it skyrocketing (as with all cards)

Imo the legends will see popularity before the primes, but that’s just my opinion

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I’m looking to complete my prime set just as I love them :blush: Collecting the full set in PSA 10 and then storing away,

Don’t rely on these as investments, but as the market one day realises how hard these are to get in gems apart from a select few, then appreciation will turn in their favour,

The Houndoom is actually probably my favourite, anyone else got a favourite? :grin:


I always thought the Prime cards were super ugly. Some of them like the Espeon and Umbreon, Raichu and Mew may see value to a collector but the rest are overall really blah.


Thanks everybody for the input! I know many people are not a fan of the cards, but my favorite would have to undoubtedly be Umbreon and Espeon; followed my Gengar, Raichu, Tyranitar, and Mew in that order. But I have to admit, there are some hideous ones too

They are very instagram-fad friendly. I can see them taking the same path as Legendary Collection, Skyridge holos and Call of Legend SLs


I don’t really like the artwork, nothing special.

I think they’re very cool and unique looking. The shiny borders are nice too.

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Primes were 1:6-7 pack pull rates. You would get 5 minimum in a box. They sit in an odd position being slightly rarer than holos, but not as rare as FA or anything higher.


Interesting, I actually didn’t know the exact pull-rates on the cards, but that is good to know. Thanks for that bit of information. I also view the Pokemon community/demand as not nearly as large as it is today (obviously) so they are also more scarce? That could just be my misinterpretation though.

I would really like to pick up a Mew in a 10 but I at least want to get one of each prime for a binder.

I wonder what people think about the legend cards in this set too? I watched a box opening and they pulled 3 total from a box. The artwork is interesting but I’m not so much into two sideways cards equaling one picture.

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Legend cards would look better as a poster or wall scroll, even as jumbo cards instead of 2 separate ones. Maybe if you found a way to frame them and hang them on the wall.

Not a big fan of these cards.