Price of Daisuki Club Rumble Croagunk?

I haven’t seen any posts about this card, or any sold listings on Ebay.

Does anyone know the value of this card?

For context, only 100 were printed via an unknown Daisuki club promotion. They were never printed stateside. The other cards in the three card set are Eevee and Pachirisu.

The value is whatever someone is willing to pay for it.

Lol but in all seriousness, very niche card and very limited. It entirely comes down to whatever the seller wants and what someone is willing to pay.


It’s absurdly rare but also absurdly ugly and features everyone’s favourite Pokemon, Croagunk.

I’d expect there’s someone out there that would pay 4 figures for one though.


I actually really like this card art haha.

I see a guy on youtube get this graded, only copy ever surfaced or with some other pics than the bulbapedia ones. I do not recall the name, if you con find the video probably you can try to dm him. Anyway this card is so rare and obscure that there is no real price, you pay what the seller asks plain and simple

I saw on IG that @kkthxbai recently picked up this trio. He might have a better idea.

Here is a photo of them.


Oh man. I so want that eevee.

I got you.

Courtesy of onlycollectables on YouTube. Triple POP 1, not that there was any doubt concerning their rarity.

There’s one on ebay for sale at 4.9k


It will be pop 2 if JIT grades them lol!

Let’s hope so, fingers crossed!