Price of Cards from World Championship Pack

Hello all,

In 2007 I purchased the Tim Roos World Championship set. Over the years, I traded away many of the lower-level cards, so the set is no longer complete. If I have individual cards from that set (i.e. Rayquaza EX, Espeon EX) are those (with the silver “Tim Roos” signed in the bottom right) worth more or less than the default card without the writing? Would it be worth it to sell them as individual cards, or should I not bother if I don’t have the whole set? Thanks in advance!



Typically the world championship cards are always worth less than their non-championship cards.

It’s because you can buy a deck for cheap and get all the decent cards without having to open up multiple packs/boxes etc.

Agreed. WC cards are pretty much worthless. If you get some mint ones from awhile ago, the ultra rares may be worth a couple dollars each, but nothing above that.

I figured as much. Thanks though!

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