Price Of 2014 Champions Festival XY27 Promo

I was looking through eBay Australia and stumbled upon some unique stamped cards so I decided “why not just pick up the lot”. I’m not really sure on the value of these cards, since on eBay I am seeing a lot of Staff Promo’s come up but not the normal version. Anyone know anything about the value or rarity of this card?, Thanks.

Rarity: Afaik the copies with just the year-stamp were all given out in packs of all languages like so to allcompetitors of the world championships.

They are not particularly rare when compared to staff and player’s stamped copies, but still exclusive to only the world championships, only in that city, only in the few days they were held, which is why I and a few others would blindly pay 100$ right now for any english one in nm condition. It’s probably hard to determine an exact “market value” for them, as even these “unstamped” ones rarely appear nowadays.

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Alrighty, thanks a lot for the information. Pretty cool to know someone went to an event all the way in America and now the card has ended up with me.

Cool cards and nice pickup.
The packs come in different languages with English and Japanese being the favorite ones.
They are also in German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish and also Korean in the latest years.
All of them have the Worlds stamp and as burnedos said the cards with “staff” stamp or “top 32, top 16, quarter finalist, semi-finalist, finalist and champion” are rarer and more valuable.
They are pretty niche but imo have everything that makes them collectable. Unique art, interesting back story, very limited release and from easy to find to impossible to find.
Enjoy the cards!