Price check: Shadowless booster box (Clear wrap/long crimp)

This post is regarding a 100% shadowless booster box with clear wrap, shadowless pack art and long crimp packs inside.

Been a long time since i have even seen one for sale let alone what actual pricing is right now.

Please comment your opinion.

Thank you

Few box breaks on ig recently which are priced at1600$ a pack(57600) not sure if they will sell out though. Somewhere in this ball park should be feasible imo.


i have not seen any public figures on shadowless box break. that is very helpful. shadowless is so elusive.

i would say 50k for a box if it’s got all the signs and comes from a pretty reputable guy is not a shabby price at all considering 1st ed and base set unlimited.



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Yes, I have seen the box break happening soon but those are short crimp packs so imo less valuable. For a clear wrap long crimp box I would assume min 60k and even higher.

Shadowless has always seemed to trail far behind 1st ed base for some reason even for the sealed product but again such little supply and no sales data so extremely hard to say. I know more people with 1st ed base boxes that shadowless long crimp boxes lol.


Agree, long crimp should add a bonus. I already quoted 57.6k so 60+ is definitely not a far stretch. Looks like the pack are selling now that I checked.

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These boxes are tricky because unless they are from the same case, people are hesitant to buy at full Shadowless price, even if it has every sign of Shadowless. I’m not surprised people are doing box breaks, it’s easier to get box value that way since everyone can breathe a sigh of relief once confirmed Shadowless. The clear wrap hurts the box prove as well since it’s easier to fake than other boxes.

In March & April before the big Base spikes I had offers of $20 & $22k on a short crimp box if I could guarantee Shadowless, which I did not feel comfortable doing even though buyers had no intention of opening.

Now that Unlimited boxes are that price if not more I think $60k is reasonable. If it was from a case I would recommended holding out for more to sell to a box collector

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A long crimp shadowless box, with good pedigree, I would!’t sell for less that $65-70k now.


Yes i 100% agree but again long crimp pack art is a legit grail piece now. Only 2 english boxes had long crimp and they are the rarest and most expensive of the wotc boxes. Would you say that because of the rarity and little public sales it makes people uneasy about shadowless?