Shadowless Box

Thoughts on whether shadowless and price. Packs do have shadowless artwork.

I thought I’d the wrapping is clear with out wotc logo it’s definitly shadowless ? :blush:

I don’t think I’ve ever seen the shrink wrap crimp/heat seal on the Venusaur side. That seems suspect to me?

It should be yes if it contains long packs.

As far as pricing go, I’m not aware of any recent sale so it’s tricky to come up with a number. I’d say $15,000 even if I think that’s a little low. It has to be worth at least PSA 10 Shadowless Charizard money though.

@cinnaminhbun I’m seeing a few just browsing google images. Unlimited though, I don’t know if the sealing process was different for 1st Ed/Shadowless?

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Good eye. That’s why I showed it to see if anyone would catch it.


Depending on the process, it’s conceivable that if a few booster packs out of hundreds end up upside down, a few booster boxes out of hundreds might also be sealed the other way around.

I wouldn’t buy it without a guarantee. It seems like a crucial detail that a scammer would forget when resealing.

What is the general consensus about this box? Legit or suspect?

I’m leaning toward legit. I did have a real 1st Base Box wrapped that way. I’d still want a guarantee though.

How did you confirm the packs have shadowless pack art? Do you know if the packs have long crimp seals?

$16k CAD? That’s a damn good price. Care you link to that listing? Not that I even have the budget for it, but I’m curious why they would price it so low. Btw, no… $16k CAD =/= $16k USD. I’m Canadian and everything here is priced according to USD prices and usually quite a bit higher too.

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Very odd. They’re actually a member here. Is it possible the packs inside are the short crimped/unlimited version? I know clear wrap and one country code is usually Shadowless, but I don’t see why they’d be asking about $9300 US. That’s less than $260 per pack. It doesn’t make much sense.

Very strange. I asked them if they were on e4 and they said no. Also, they would not provide pics of top pressed down to see pack art or crimps…

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Also, price is dropping fast which is odd…

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Very dodgy, remember, the wizard logos can be removed

The seller definitely has been on E4 so thats a lie, and the dropping price is a huge red flag

That would make the most sense.

The fact that he said he wasn’t on e4 when he clearly is is a bit suss. Also, refusing a photo of the top makes it pretty clear what’s inside. It’s not hard to see what other shadowless boxes are listed for on eBay so to have a price that is inbetween the shadowless and unlimited pricing is strange. However, as said before, if you had a guarantee you wouldn’t have anything to worry about. Doubt you’re going to get it though!

I saw a mention today that a shadowless box is worth $25,000 now, is that a real estimate? Seems ridiculous

I’d have to say that’s surprising but I f someone wants to pay 25k I will guarantee boxes and travel within the US for a 0% Fee.

My last 3 deals that required traveling went very well so I’m up for it.


Yeah $25,000 is very much on the high side not that I would be surprised if one ever fetched that much in the future, but it’s a niche set and there’s literally 0 public sales to go by. Some of the people that have them listed for $30k would probably take $20k or even slightly less in private. I’d say fair value would be anywhere between $15-20k.

I’m sure you guys remember the wild predictions when the 1st Edition Base Box appeared at auction. It was ranging anywhere from like $20k to $100k+. No one had a clue.

While this is a different scenario, it’s fairly similar. It’s going to be worth whatever the next couple of boxes manage to bring.

I thought that had to be an astronomical number. A higher-end seller who I won’t name (might even be on here) is planning to open a shadowless box and is selling the packs at $600 each and I just read his post saying that the box is worth $25k so I thought I’d ask. Even that math at that price point didn’t compute (36x600=21,600). I understand his/her premium for guaranteed unweighed packs is warranted but just didn’t think we were quite at $25k yet :blush: