Price check on Snap Chansey?

Anyone know of recent or semi-recent verified sales? Thanks!

1.5-1.8m yen was the last sold, so around $14-17k in second half of 2017/ first half of 2018.

Pkonno, the seller of the snaps still has a Chansey that went unsold at a 2.2m yen start price. It will one day be relisted, just not sure when.

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Thanks @chok! Do you recall what the condition was?

Mint. All his snap cards were mint from pictures. The Bulbasaur I now have has a dent. Also an Articuno he sold has a corner bend.

But all the others that were bought and graded are in conditions PSA 8-10. Only a PSA 6 Aritcuno and a BGS 8 with 7 surface Bulbasaur. It is the only place you can get for a card of this rarity, so I don’t think condition matters that much if you just want the card.

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Great, thanks – yeah, I’m not concerned with condition, it’s just helpful to know $17k was the price for a mint copy and not a PSA 4 worthy one

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