Price Check on English PSA 10 Gold Star Gyarados

Hello all, just recently got a PSA order back and managed a PSA 10 Gold Star gyarados. Pop 1 of 7. Couldn’t find any recent auctions on Ebay, so was just wondering if anyone knew the general price range of it. Not looking to sell it, looks too good in my collection :stuck_out_tongue:. However I would like a price to write down for personal record keeping. Thanks for any help!

For your information there was only 1 gyarados last year. I’ve bought it before and the got one graded. I sold that 2nd one a little while ago. PM and I’ll tell you both prices.

I’ve bought or sold almost all of the english psa 10 gold stars multiple times so I can give anyone a price check if interested just PM

How in the world was that name still available? :wink:


Exactly what I was wondering! I couldn’t think of a name so I just typed in Charizard for fun because who doesn’t love Charizard? And lo and behold it wasn’t used haha

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