Gold stars ⭐️

What kind of value do you guys think each and every gold star card has in psa 10🤔 like to hear some opinions here!

Thx guys

That is a vast subject, do you mean what are they worth? We have ebay or pokemon price sales to go by for that

This is a good start.
Prices right now are kinda unreliable though. It’s…a weird time for the Pokemon collectibles market.

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Very generic question and too broad to answer directly. Generally I think Gold stars have a strong outlook as they are generally highly desired, very old, low pop, and 10s are hard to get. So it has all the qualities for growth, but again impossible to answer directly because all cards are difference and prices are very volatile at the moment.

I saw a gold star gyarados psa 10 sell a few weeks ago for like 4.2k and I KNEW it was undervalued. I saw another gold star gyarados psa 10 sell the other day for over 6k. Such a cool card


ebay sold items is the best place to look.

But the problem with trying to value PSA 10 gold stars as a set is that a fair number of them are relatively low pop like Latias, Latios, Torchic, Mudkip, Treecko, Rayquaza, Gyarados, Regice. I’ll draw the “low pop” line with Regice and Rayquaza at 40 something in PSA 10. If you take those cards out, the prices on the rest are much more stable although they have seen large increases recently. But then you also have a Charizard in the gold star set which is not low pop per se but has broad appeal. It’s a very hard set to value and to my knowledge a complete PSA 10 set has never traded as one bundle.

I was the one who purchased the second Gyarados. I just love the red Gyarados - it’s in my “top 3” of the gold stars with Charizard and Rayquaza. I had been posting on the forum in the buy section since march with steadily rising offers and hadn’t gotten a single bite. That particular copy looked stunning, so to get a pop 30 card in that condition on a card where I love the artwork as a “strong 10” with no compromises was something I didn’t want to miss out on. I have seen plenty of PSA 10 gold stars that truly are borderline versus 9s and maybe won the coin flip with PSA but not that one (IMO).


Red and yellow Gyarados goes well with the red and yellow card as well. Consistent color scheme. Unlike some of the Gold Stars that look a bit off with a yellow border.

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