Price Check 1st Ed French Dark Charizard / Dracaufeu Obscur

1st Edition Raw Dracaufeu Obscur in mint condition.

My eBay research isn’t turning up much. A few international sales for non first editions in worse condition selling for around 40 USD. Anyone know the value of this card or sold/purchased one recently?

You weren’t kidding, this was really difficult to find. Are you looking for the holo version? If you are, here’s the only two listings I found, one probably being sold privately and another one sold at 120 Euros in May of 2016.


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Nice find on that 2016 sale! Yeah I’m looking for the holo one. Seems like they are pretty rare given how little data is available.

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Hence why I think it fetched a premium already. The fact that PSA 9 1st Dark Charizards cost 120$~140$ USD, a NM costing minimum 130$ USD and 120 Euros shows that it’s already more pricey.

Good luck on your hunt!

Bump. Any other insight on this cards value?

I took some pictures as well:

Card looks good, but I would try to flatten it if I were you. Centering is a little off though. It’s definitely NM/M(8-9).

Putting a value is tough. If I were buying, I’d be looking to pay $130-150. If I were selling, I’d ask $200 and see if there’s any interest.

Tbh, you might want to try finding a France Pokemon group on facebook. I don’t think the card is THAT rare, it’s just that Europeans don’t use ebay all that much. There’s surely sales data more recent than 2016.

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For anyone interested this card just sold for $300 in 20 minutes. It’s probably worth a good deal more than that considering how quickly it sold.

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I have the English version, so many of them lol… I personally love the Dark Charizard. Helps that I am a Team Rocket fan :blush:. The version you have is probably worth more due to scarcity.