Price check 1st Ed Base, Jungle, and Fossil Sets. ALL PSA 10

Need some second opinions.
Thinking of selling a complete PSA 10 1st Edition Base, Jungle, and Fossil set. All 229 cards (2 base pikas).

What would be a fair buy it now price for all? I would not sell them separately so only as a 229 card lot.


I would have a guess of $32000 for the 1st Edition set. And maybe $5000 each for the Jungle and Fossil sets.

So to be on the safe side $45,000 minimum.

I believe the holos for Base alone are running people around 28-32k. Add the non holos which would be 13k minimum (pokebutler’s sales). Without running every card, 60k depending on how they paid (your fees, etc.) for all 229 cards.

5k for Jungle/Fossil 1st ed sets is a number that’s been achieved 5+ years ago.

My thoughts on a psa 10 1st ed base set are, £32000 for the holos, £14500 for all non holos totaling £46500, converting to dollars, $59520 and that’s with most of the cards being very reasonably priced, could easily increase that figure by 10%-20%.

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$60-70K and then tack on some percent for convince on top, hell I changed my mind, even more.

Only one way to find out, toss it up for auction starting at .99!

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Gary, you know if you list it up for less than $100,000+ you’re shooting yourself in the foot.


hmmmm, quick/rough CONSERVATIVE estimate of base set 1st ed in psa 10;

~ Zard $18k
~ Stoise $3,000
~ Venusaur $2,000
~ remaining 13 holos = 13* $1,000
~ 16 rares @ $300 each = $4,800
~ remaining 70 cards @ $75 (mmindful some sell for as low as 30-40 but some are in the 100’s so remembering his is a consrvative estiamte) = $5,250

total price = $34,050 on the conservative side of things.

You could go check average sales of each individual card but $34,050 i believe is a conservative estimate. $40,000 may be a reasonble price and perhaps a little premium on top for having compiled each card.

My math check showed that the sum is $46050. I believe you forgot $12000 for the holos. Also the remaining non rare cards vary alot. Wortortle, Charmeleon, Jynx and Growlithe could already fetch $2000+ together

$60k for base set, $15k for jungle, $8k for fossil. List them up at $100k best offer

@chok thanks for the pick up!! yes so 46,000 is the conservative estimate. some people are quoting figures well below this and that was a conservative estimate i think $50,000-$60,000 is realistic.


Hmmm…thanks for the insight guys. Maybe I’ll go $90,000.00 with an offer? Plus I’ll do in person pickup for cash only. I’d pay for the plane ticket to Vegas.


You’re a fucking G.


Would you accept a generous offer of my kidneys and liver? Plane ticket and harvesting fees will be on you though.

I’m curious to see how you’re going to showcase ALL of them on ebay. I’m drooling already. :slightly_frowning_face:

Sure, lol.

I’ll use my max pictures of course.

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I wish I was 10 years older, I’d be straight on this. Good luck with the sale!

there is no way gary you should sell the base set your sitting on a gold mine and will only increase in value

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