Complete PSA 10 1st Edition Base, Jungle and Fossil Sets

Have there been any sales of either of these?

PSA 10 Base Set - 1st Edition Shadowless Complete (102 cards)
PSA Jungle - 1st Edition Complete (64 cards)
PSA Fossil - 1st Edition Complete (62 cards)

I am trying to figure out an accurate gauge on what these sets would be going for currently.

@garyis2000 have you sold any of these?

On the 1st base Ive sold many singles and partial sets recently, holos only graded though.
Jungle fossil I never sell sets. Only singles.

If you’re looking to sell its going to be very very hard to sell a complete graded set from WOTC other than a few like 4th printing base set and shadowless, a complete psa 10 no symbol jungle holo just because of how hard those are to get and tbe current psa 10 population. The reason o say its so difficult is many people are/have tried to sell psa 10 wotc sets (other than auctions). It seems like people that are interested in these sets have already begun working on them.

The last thing i mentioned, that’s the biggest thing. Many people have already begun working on it.

Prices I’ve seen. I’ve seen tbe first edition base for as low as $12.5 k

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A lot of buyers may also not be interested in graded com/unc cards unless they’re cheap

Good points guys, thanks! @hisoka107 @snap

Another thing is that with just buying the whe set it takes away any sort of “thrill of the chase” so to speak, so the market for them is only really with people who like to splash cash on wholes rather than putting things together themselves which really limits your market.

There is a limited market, in my experience, for expensive, complete collections.

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the market is limited for sure, and that’s in addition to the fact that most PSA 10 sets that are listed (or even psa 9 sets for stuff like 1st edition) are WAY overpriced imo if you value out the cards individually. When the price/card averages out to more than you can buy GEM MINT holos individually for that’s a huge turn off.

With that being said, I definitely think the convenience of having an entire graded set does technically make it more valuable that individually selling the cards, but I’m not sure where the middle ground is.

I’m a new collector compared to most of this site so I don’t have some of the old WotC expansions even started yet in PSA 10 so I’d definitely say I’m a prospective buyer in the future for a full set of PSA 9’s or 10’s.

That small market is me. I want a set of PSA 10 jungle and fossil (holos). I currently have none of the cards.


For fossil I would try just picking them up individually, I was looking last night and stuff like the magneton goes for as low as £20 in a 1st ed 10 going all the way up to around £60-80 for the birds, jungle 10s in 1st edition you at looking at like £100 per card minimum, higher for khanga and eeveloutions.

tbh honest i would be interested in the fossil and jungle but have most of the shadowless 1st edition set in PSA 10 already just missing some holos if your willing to do a part trade part cash tranaction i wouldnt mind doing that

It’s getting tougher and waaaay more expensive to build these sets in 10. There should be a premium for a complete set.

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The whole is always greater than the sum of its parts :wink: