Postage Facepalms

As I write this, I’m getting more and more angry with Australia Post.

In the last few months I have had nothing but drama with this organisation who not only severely overcharge for a rather average service, but when you call them out it’s a complete struggle to get what you deserve or compensation.

Todays issue is because my Enerald Break booster boxes and deck are now sitting on the other side of the country despite being 2 suburbs over until midday today.

Long story short, I move to the other side of the country in a month. My wife organised the mail redirection early so we would not forget. That redirection shouldn’t start for another 3 weeks. Our confirmation email even says so…

When I called Australia Post today to ask why the Japanese Express post had stalled at a distribution warehouse quite literally 8 minutes from my house they informed me I have a post divert active. I thought ok, they’ll send it to my PO Box, which is close to work. That divert is still active until March 30. No biggy. The kind lady said expect delivery tomorrow (hell yeah!!). Not really ideal as it’s been in the country since Thursday last week and I paid for express postage, but hey, at least they haven’t lost it. (please don’t let me speak too soon!)

So tonight I log in to track it to see if it has moved. To my surprise it had. 4,300 kilometres away. Fudge, a lot more expletives actually.

These clowns have activated my new divert early without asking me. Now I’m sad because now it definitely won’t arrive until Monday, best case scenario.

What’s the weirdest postage scenario you’ve had that made you facepalm after you thought about it?

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I think when you activate a Postage Diversion like this you can expect an increased chance of screw ups and odd happenings. I know it still shouldn’t happen, but I’d expect issues with this sort of thing.

As for Auspost, they sometimes take longer to post things than they claim, and their prices for certain services are outrageous, but I think I have had maybe 1 package lost because of them and I have send hundreds of items with them.

Yeah, I get what you’re saying. I have two packages coming. One is still 2 suburbs away, the other in WA. So if they were going to activate the postage redirection, why did they only do it to one of them??

In the last few months I’ve had no end of trouble with them. Claiming I’ve sent underpaid mail and failure to deliver express post on time. Ended up going to the ombudsman and winning each time.

They just need to be accountable in my eyes. The latest price rise is a joke.

their costs are getting out of control, 15$ to post a small book, locally, without sign on delivery or express…

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Express 500g Satchel is 10.50 or something.

I think that just went up mate.

I paid that for one yesterday o.o

yeah that sounds a bit off, i sent just over 2kgs worth of simpsons comics across the country for $20

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Mine must have been 500-1kg, or i got massively screwed.

Prices will most likely increase in September. “Despite being the lowest in the developed world”…

Nearly choked.

Called Auspost to ask wtf is going on and neither item has moved in over a day. When I questioned what is going with the one still in my area and why it is not yet delivered, they informed me it will go to the other side of the country before returning.

Can not believe the incompetence…


just shake my head.

It’s sad that it’s all I can do too.

I reminded them today that it was sent via express post, yet one package sits idle for 3 days and the other is half a world away. Got no explanation as to how this could happen or when exactly I’ll get my stuff. So pissed, mainly because all the people here have some really nice new cards =(

54 hours and counting of

March 25, 2015 , 11:10 am Processed Through Sort Facility

as the last message on a package.

I think I’m winning, I mean losing, been idle since lunch time on Tuesday…

Both departments are out to lunch for days.

Yeah. It’s difficult not to laugh and think, if I was this incompetent with my job, people would have died by now…

I hear you. If I effed up that much, I hate to think how crabbiness I would get from customers.

My package is found.



I needed that laugh. Just got off the phone to Australia Post after receiving an email claiming the attempted delivery again today… on the other side of the country…

This is just so disgusting how incompetent and useless this company is.

I told them I leave soon and hence the package(s) need to be express posted back to where I am so I can receive them this week. We’ll see how I go.

What I think will happen is that they’ll send it to my current address as soon as I move. Grrrrr!!!

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Got notification my package was released from customs. I wonder if the fact in the last 30 days I received packages from Japan, South Korea, Greece, Russia, and UK had anything to do with the delay. If it did they will love me when they see Germany and France. I did have package open by Homeland Security, once.

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