Packages lost in the mail

So i recently ordered something off of ebay, from a really trusted seller, i guarantee all of you know him, i also trust him as a seller. But that isnt the issue. The beef im having is with usps post office!

Ok so the seller bought the postage for the item he sent me online. He said the mail man picked it up at his door step a few days later so it should be on its way. Now it has been almost a week and has not been scanned once. There is no tracking of where its been at all. All it says is “electronic info received!” It doesnt say it been picked up or anything!!! I find this unusual, because we are both in the usa! Its not international mail. Iv always had great experiences with usps getting my packages fast. Idk i just figured it should be here by now, because everything iv ever ordered that has been shipped in usa has arrived within 3 days.

Now normally i would not freak out, because i realize there can be delays…but no tracking or scanning at all?! Not even once?!
It just upsets me because it is a rare card and i really wanted it!

So what do you guys think? Am i being a big baby and over reacting, and will it show up?!
Or is it possible the mailman misplaced it before getting back to the post office that day?

What has been your guys experience with usps (if you live in the usa)? Ever had anything happen like this?!

Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks in advance guys! :blush:

I would say the seller is responsible for a proper numbered tracking number, unless otherwise stated. Meaning, the seller is responsible if he included tracking in the listing. Also, if it was shipped usps there is usually $50 insurance on it. I would contact usps, if you have a numbered tracking number. The receipt the seller got from usps has the item shipping information.
Usps is slow. I have shipped an item and watched it go around the buyers city for a week, before delivered.

Do they even give you any paper work when they pick it up if you bought the postage online?
And if i called usps, would they even be able to tell me where it is? Because arent they looking at the same thing i am? When you put in the tracking all it says is electronic info received and its been like that for almost a week…so idk if they will be able to help me :slightly_frowning_face:

$50 insurance is only included if you shipped priority mail, otherwise you have to pay extra for insurance.

Try contacting USPS and explain them the situation so they can give you a better answer; I have had instances where the page says “Electronic information received” throughout the entire process and had the packaged delivered eventually.

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Often times “delivery confirmation” doesn’t get scanned till delivery so just gotta wait.

If its priority it’s usually a little quicker. If 1st class with DC it could take much longer

How much did you pay for shipping?

How much was the card?

Lastly, you asked “…and will it show up?” Nobody here could possibly know that could they?

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I bet it was elam cause he’s always been a little fishy…:wink:

I’ll remember that the next time I sell you something!

It might still show up. Like Gary said, sometimes packages aren’t scanned until delivery (or at all). I’ve even had a few packages that went “missing” in some other part of the country, and then eventually showed up at my doorstep two weeks later. Things normally don’t get that out of control, but when they do, there is a good chance it will resolve itself.

If you can, contact the local post office or USPS corporate. :blush:

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Funny how you have this problem too. It’s been 2 weeks for me. No miscut card… I hope we both get our items.

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It’s happened to me before a few times. Something gets lost in transit, goes missing for a while, or they do package checks at different offices that hold up the line for packaged or mailed items.

Definitely contact USPS and see what they say. My gut says though that there shouldn’t be anything to worry about. I’ve had a few packages that didn’t show tracking codes until it was delivered and waiting for me.

Either way, I wish you the best!

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I still haven’t received my miscut card. The seller said 2 weeks ago, the package was sent. The problem is I never got a confirmation email about shipping. The item is listed as paid on eBay, no shipping information at all. So, what’s the next step, contact eBay?

Have you contacted USPS? If not, I’d start with that first. I always like to give the seller the benefit of the doubt. Sometimes USPS and other mail services do holds on envelopes and packages due to item checks (whether there’s been a report of something dangerous, or inventory re-checks) and it makes it so much later. I didn’t have an item come to me until a month one time because of this.

Contact USPS first and see what they say. If you have a transaction number, give it to them. They should be able to find out what’s going on.

I will contact usps today. My main problem is it took 1 week to supposedly ship, 2 weeks on top of that shipping, and like I said nothing about a package shipped. I wish I had a tracking number or at the very least a update on eBay, saying the item has shipped. The item has been listed as paid for almost a month.

Definitely contact eBay asap. I didn’t realize it had been so long.

If you wait too long to contact them, they aren’t liable to get your money back for you. Lucky enough, it will be a very easy case for you to win and the seller is entirely responsible until the package gets to your door (and with proof). If they are being honest, that is unfortunate, but lost product is a part of any business.

I hate when some sellers do this, and if you politely ask them to update tracking info they won’t even bother respond messages after that.

Different things can happen and buyers and sellers just need to be patient and understanding.
One of my sons got a mailer returned yesterday after a month as undeliverable and someone wrote “not at this address” on the envelope. Apparently the mailman delivered it to the wrong address and that person was honest and returned it. Then the mailman, instead of checking the address and delivering it to the right address…just sent it back.
The person could have just kept it and it would have been a mystery.
I’m sure we’ve all gotten a neighbors mail in our box and we just take it to our neighbor.

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I sent a response to the seller and he responded. I checked, I still have 9 days to go before my protection runs out. The response was instant. I don’t know what to say with what he said. “I forgot to add the city, state, and zip code”… He said it was returned and reshipped today.
Basically I gave him the ultimatum, you can ship it here 2 days before my protection runs out. Otherwise, I will open a case and get my money back

I think that’s fair, in all honesty. That seems a bit weird that someone would forget ALL of that information. What has your communication been like with this seller before in the past?

Who is this seller?