Possibility On How PSA Could Be Damaging Cards?

Just posted today on their Instagram…

No gloves, and metal ruler actually touching the card .___.


Would really think they would wear gloves at least

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This could really explain the horizontal lines that some people experience as a damage :confused:

I asked them this same question a month ago via phone. The lady told me the gloves could potentially cause damage to the cards. While this may be true for some types of cards others would not be damaged by cloth.

Cards that could be damaged by cloth- If you look at the back of english pokemon cards the edges and corners are not smooth even on some PSA 10s. It’s just the card stock and production quality of english cards. Now compare this to the newer japanese counter parts. They have smooth, almost invisible roundess to it that cloth gloves wouldn’t catch on. Look at cards like precious metal gems or other “flaky” hologram cards. They are no known to chip and using cloth gloves would likely catch on it and cause silvering/chipping. Those are some of the reasons why they dont use gloves.

PSA Commented back:

“Appreciate your concerns but we have years of experience and handle thousands of cards a day. Gloves reduce tactility. Rulers pose no risk of damage. Happy Collecting!”

.___. Yep, at that’s why regrading is a thing lol

PSA damaged one of my cards when it comes to my mind. A English Full-Art Charizard Ex that I pulled myself. When they Sealed the case, they caused a large ding/crimp like thing on the top border. It really upset me. With how difficult that card is to pull… I never got a refund. :confused:

Yeah, Karma sucks when you’re weighing packs and being dishonest :confused:

Wish I could say I feel bad.


Karma and weighing packs aside.

I am not going to try and claim that the way that PSA handles the cards for grading is completely wrong or that I know better, but if they are grading cards at 1 per 30-45 seconds then surely every now and then there is going to be an issue with how they place that rules on the card, it is not surprising to me that once in a while someone is going to get an indent on their card.

It’s tough to judge because it LOOKS really bad when you see them handling the card that way with the ruler pressed across the card, but if it was a major issue I am sure that would have been examined and changed by now.

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Yes, the measuring and handling process is harmless to the card. I’ve used the exact same ruler for years to measure my used cards and would never use a glove on my cards. Too dangerous.

Now that Jordan rookie is AMAZING. I’ve never owned one but sure would like to;)

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How much do those Jordan rookies usually fetch?

A PSA 10 should bring about the same as an illustrator:)

the ruler shouldnt do damage unless you’re rushing… still makes me cringe a little lol

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Well, due to there being so much controversy and people commenting about it, PSA has deleted the post :open_mouth:

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Did she? LOL.
I really don’t understand why there’s not a reasonably priced machine that could use lasers or something to measure the cards quickly…at least enough for 6-8 stations,


They get 30 seconds to grade a card so pretty sure they do it at a fast pace causing damages a long the way. If they were given longer im sure less damages would occur.

I have no doubt

I’m not trying to get in your face or anything, but do we have to bring this up every time @blastoiserules1 says something. I know you feel strongly about the things, but we should respect peoples input on other topics. He’s just trying to join in on the conversation is all.

“A English Full-Art Charizard Ex that I pulled myself.”

“It really upset me. With how difficult that card is to pull.”

It’s really hard to “respect” an input when things like this are said, and when we know the history of the person.

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I’m a little torn here.

I’m extremely proud of Jeremy and his solid moral stance. I feel I can trust him.

Then again, Ben shows a good heart which is badly needed today.

I feel comfortable saying, well done to both of you:)


well being a butt about it wont change the fact that he cheats the system just makes you look like the ass for pointing it out everytime he post. If this is true.