Polish Pokemon cards

Hi just a quick question. I have a couple of these cards and I was wondering if they are maybe worth something? I think these are diamond & pearl collection but translated to polish language, also they are from 2010. They have been sitting for years in my shelf but they are not in a great condition.

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They are definitely worth something to someone. How much of something? I don’t know.

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If there was a reverse lopunny in there that lot would be woth significantly more


Most likely I wll just keep them for myself but just wanted to know out of curiosity

Dang, lemme get that pichu

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They might be worth something for someone who collects every single card in each language of a specific pokemon. They dont pop up often like you said, but I dont think there is a lot of value apart from the before said collector. But I am not an expert by any means so if they sell for 100 dollars a pop, good for you!

If you really want it I can send it to you but the shipping from EU to the US would cost a lot

Almost definitely worth less than English unless a language collector is after them

I’m afraid that’s not true for pretty hard to find languages like Polish, Russian, Indonesian, Thai, etc. At least, not for regular non-holos. You can easily get a couple of USD per card for each of these non-holo Polish cards, whereas the English ones would be < 50 cent each.

FYI, there are only two Polish sets printed: Diamond & Pearl and Mysterious Treasures, so that alone makes Polish cards already harder to come by.

I bought a few Polish Diamond & Pearl cards two years ago for about 2 euros each (excluding shipping) if that helps anything. Although the reason I bought them was because they were cheap and Polish cards barely pop up for sale.
They’re probably not worth an extreme amount, though. It’s primarily the Pichu; Mantyke; and the reverse holos which are probably worth 20+ USD each to the right buyers.