Polish Language Pokemon Cards

Hey everyone!

I am working on a series of photos involving Pokemon cards. I want to feature all languages that the cards have ever been printed in. Pokemon has such global appeal, I think it would ado to my series. My main issue is getting some representatives from the only two sets released in Polish.

I have seen some threads on here about Polish cards, so I may PM some people, but I just wanted to put out feelers and see if anyone has these and would be willing to reasonably sell/trade.

I have some Russian cards for trade that some may find interesting, for examples

My main interests are DP/DPMysteriousTreasures:

Haunter, Magneton, Parasect, Vulpix, Rapidash
Croconaw Cyndaquil, Noctowl, Elekid, Pichu, Crobat
Seedot, Electrike, Wynaut
Magnezone, Gible, Kricketune, Hippopotas

Would love some more discussion or PMs!

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I just checked Cardmarket and every single card you mention with the exception of Crobat is available there. So if you’re fine with paying for shipping from Europe and paying 1-5€ per card (except Pichu and Wynaut which are more like 15€) I’m sure some European member is willing to help you there (I would too, but international shipping from Germany for everything but documents was made unnecessarily expensive for regular people due to a regulation change a few years ago, so it’s better for you to work with someone in a different EU country)


This is great advice!


I can also help with cardmarket if needed but international tracked shipping is also pricy from finland, if you feel regular mail is good enough we can sort things out for sure

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Interested to no what Russian cards you have :sweat_smile:

I actually have a connection, but thank you!

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