Polish Language Cards

Hello everyone. I’m new to this forum, but I see it’s a great community :blush:

Does anyone here collect Polish Pokemon cards? Two sets were released: Diamond&Pearl Base and DP Mysterious Treasures.

I’m in the process of completing two master sets and I’m curious if anyone else collects them :slight_smile:

Thanks :pray:


I collect all-language, all-variant Piplup line and cameos, so I do have a few Polish cards on my checklist. I only have one of them for now (DP Piplup), but I’m keeping an eye out for the others I’m still in need of.

Best of luck on your Polish hunt- they’re one of the more difficult languages to get ahold of!


I might have some DP base Polish cards laying around

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I’ve been trying to find Aron from Mysterious Treasures in reverse holo but no luck so far :smiling_face_with_tear:
Even though I am in Europe, some of the Polish cards are super hard to find!


I thnik i have a mint copy common and reverse, but dont know how to message to you :slight_smile:

Now im looking for 124/123 - Time-Space Distortion polish ver. Hope i will find it soon :slight_smile:

I only do the Magnemite line. I collect Voltorb and Electrode, but there are none in Polish so I picked Magnemite to fill that spot. Still missing the Reverse Holo Magneton though :frowning: got any pictures of your collection?

Even in Poland its hard to find reverse’s. PM me i can check, there is chance i got that reverse magneton :slight_smile: Send me a message and i will check it for you :wink: