Polish Pokemon Cards?? O.O

Hi Guys,

Been trying to finish the original base set in every language, and well came across a seller recommending Polish Base set cards…

Now I’ve heard about these in the past… and seen these around years ago… I don’t know why, but I thought they might be fake because Bulbapedia doesn’t recognise them below:


Can someone clarify, 2014 pricing / rarity / authenticity etc?

I can get some photographs up shortly from a seller I know, but they aren’t very clear.

Any help or thoughts about collecting would be greatly appreciated. :blush:


This might also be of note (quoted below)

“The cards of Pokémon Trading Card Game available in Polish stores were sold in English for ten years. However on January 12, 2010, TM Toys began to distribute Polish-language versions of the Diamond & Pearl expansion, and beginning June 1, 2012 distribution of Polish language versions of the Mysterious Treasures expansion followed. TM Toys has stated they currently have no plans to release further Polish language expansions.”

I have the complete Diamond & Pearl and almost complete Mysterious Treasures set in Polish and always on the lookout for Polish cards.

As far as I know there are no others sets released in Polish.

Oh ok, so there was no base set in Polska. It was just a variation of the English print. Was there any key differentiators for the release in Poland, like the Australian one.

What’s different about australian cards??

Here is an article on it:


Is there a charizard in any of those sets?

Good article, and thanks for the link @churlocker

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You and @azulryu are my favourite people.