PokePhD's Collection -- Update 03/24/15

Currently working out a new way to showcase the cards. :blush:

Here’s a temporary link to the brand-new Flickr album.

Check back soon and thanks for stopping by!

@soulwind, you opened the reshiram and zekrom 15th anniversary box?

It was already opened when I purchased it. :slightly_frowning_face:

Oh, from the guy I referred you to? I also sent you a PM with pictures.

Yea but it’s no worries. There is a *tiny* spec of silver on the back of Zekrom but otherwise the cards are flawless (I’d have graded them both if it weren’t for that spec). I wasn’t too disappointed about the box being opened since the price was much better than what everyone else wants.

Are you still looking for another one? I can keep an eye out for you. Just promise me you’ll keep it seal this time lol.

Perhaps someday. I would rather find a buyer for mine before I go out replacing it.

I’ll spread the word for you

nice :slight_smile:

My PSA 10 Shining Mewtwo is one of my favorite cards ever. Such a beauty!

Took a fun shot:

Not really a collection addition, but this kinda made me a bit sad:


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What’s that?

Formerly the vessel that contained those elusive 145/146 BW-P. They are now in Newport Beach, CA.

I would be so scared cutting open that package.

Not exactly in hand but:

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Hey, I knew those looked spiffy! Glad to be able to help you get them. :blush:

These are some of the most exciting moments. I love seeing these silly little strips of text. As good as the real packages in many ways.

Wooo 10s! Congrats man!

Thanks! I was worried but it paid off.

Now I just need to sell that PSA 9… :wink:

Grats! Your dreams came true!