Pokemon Zukan Figures

Anyone ever heard of these? They’re Pokemon figures that are exactly 1/40th of the actual size of Pokemon. I have been thinking about starting a collection of them, because they’d be extremely sick to have a ton of scale figures on a shelf somewhere.

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Wow, that sounds awesome!

A quick Ebay search also brought up Pokemon “Yujin”. Are these the same things?

No. It’s the same thing, but a different company I think.

I own a few that I’m looking to get rid of…

Possibly my rotom one too (normal, fan and frost)

PM me if interested?

DJ were you planning on making an original pokedex?
I heard legendaries were 1/50th too…

That is true, do you know why or?

A full set of Zukan figures seems very very expensive :open_mouth:
Where do ya’ll buy them from?

In the UK and Japan they’re in vending machines.

As well there are other popular sets like Growlithe line and yes the original vee line that are hard to find.
The RSE ones are really expensive too.

I think Wailord is the most impressive one. It’s a 1/40 scale, even though it’s the largest Pokemon.

Did you ever receive the ones I sent?

Oh, yes. Sorry, I forgot to tell you xD
Thanks a ton!

My hopes are crushed.


Oh geez, nostalgia. I remember reading this thread. I’ve been here too long now.

As for that Gyarados price:
What the heck. How are these even valuable? I don’t get it one bit. Absurd pricing.

This thread was revived from the dead!

Most of the older gen zukan are worth quite a bit… :open_mouth:

Just a note: Gyarados Zukan isn’t worth that much.

The more expensive zukans would be…
Wailord, Ho-Oh, Lugia, Original Eeveelutions, Arcanine Line etc. :blush:


GSC 1 is the most expensive.

Someone asked me about their zukan collection not sure if it is worth investing it. Do these sell? On the bottom I think it has the shiny legendary dogs as well i reckon those are worth something.


They look sweet!

Late response: The Shiny Beasts aren’t too rare as they were released around the same time as the Zoroark movie, however as a whole that collection is worth a lot.