Pokemon TCG Gameboy Game Available on 3DS Virtual Console so



Nice! I love that game! Playing the game with just the first three sets is super nostalgic.

I hope it will be released with different languages and not only english for European customers.

There was a number 2 released in Japan but it never even got localized to English, such a shame.

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Maybe someone can translate the game! We are in 2014 and there are people who create fantastic hack-roms, then translate a game for gameboy color should not be complicated.

Shouldn’t be, depends on who wants to put the effort in I suppose.

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People have done translation patches for the sequel. It would be neat if Nintendo took advantage of the digital aspect of the Virtual Console and translated it themselves and released it digitally though.

I bought this, but my goodness I forgot how slow it was. Whacked it on my phone instead. Much better when you can play at x4 speed.


The speed control function of emulators is the bane of my existence


Such a good game!