Pokemon TCG Collection Tracker Excel Document

Hi Everyone,

I have looked over the rules and I Couldn’t’ see anything against this kind of post,

So I want to share with you a project I have been working on for a very long time and that is my Pokémon excel tracker

I’m adding a link to a video detailing the tracker I hope you watch and also give me some feedback please and thanks.

Download available in video description

Pokémon TCG Collection Tracker Excel Document - YouTubelink


This is at least a few hundred hours of work, honored.

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Yep and some :sweat_smile: I’ve spent countless hours on this over a year :muscle:t3:

This is amazing and as a set collector is quite literally everything I could ask for in a collection tracker. I tried to build something similar to this but failed due to my inexperience and lack of understanding for Excel. The percentage calculator is beautiful and the wishlist is something I never thought I’d want! I’m downloading it now, thank you so much for your hard work!

One suggestion I have is to potentially include a percentage and unique card count tracker for total English cards, total Japanese, and total English + Japanese? Completely unnecessary though, and it would probably take way too much time…but just a thought for you!

I do have two questions though, and they may be easy answers lol. But is there a way for me to update the spreadsheet with new sets as they come out without manually replicating the format you have? Like would I be able to essentially copy/paste the skeleton of a previous set or would I need to learn how to code everything in on my own? And along a similar vein, how would I go about updating the “Additional Cards” section when inevitably more cards are released? Sorry if these questions are kind of tutorial-y, but I really can’t wait to dive into this! Again, you’ve done god’s work!

Dang, that’s amazing! Seems OpenOffice won’t open it though :sob:

Hi There, This is music to my ears thanks so much for the kind words it makes it all worth while, and thank you for your suggestions that’s certainly something for a future update,

As for adding new sets this is kind of my sticking point for me to, you could for sure copy and paste the format to add another set with all the information but what you will be missing is that data on the home page, the home page works through the macros and a few changes would have to be made to add the new sets,

I can easily share the sheets with updated information the user would just have to copy and replace certain sheets if that makes sense or I could add it to my copy, release a new copy with updated sets the only problem here is that the user would have to copy and paste all set values over (a small task in comparison to the work I’ve put in haha)

But yeah thanks again and I hope you enjoy using it many thanks :blush:

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oh poop can you tell me the issue/message box your getting?

I’m not getting any, it just opens up to an empty white screen. There’s a green loading bar on the bottom that seems to have gotten stuck. I can try updating to a newer version, pretty sure it’s old.

OK if this is as soon as you click the link it will take you to a white screen but it should say in the top left of the screen Download, you need to download a copy to your computer I hope this helps.

I’ve downloaded the file; this is when OpenOffice tried to open it. It gets stuck on this screen (or is taking a very long time to get past it).

Oh wow this is new to me why isn’t it just opening in excel? do you have Microsoft Office 365, I think you’ll need office 365 to be able to use this document

No I don’t have Excel, this is an alternate program that offers much of the same functionality for free. But apparently not all of the same functionality. No worries :blush:

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Oh no aha, you’ll have to look at investing in it then it’s defiantly worth while :blush:

Ah okay, if I can learn how to update the home page on my own, then I should be able to just copy/paste sheets as newer sets release. The heavy lifting you’ve done is phenomenal. I’ve started to go through my sets and fill out the checklists…thank you again for the resource :blush: more people should be looking at this!!

My Pleasure, I’m very glad its useful to you and I also agree more people should be looking at this :blush: but I guess its not for everyone hopefully with time it will gain traction but at the moment its just spam to some people I don’t actually know why this thread has been moved into this category of inside information but yeah I’ve ran out of places to post this and some groups just wont allow it at all, the hope is that it will be shared by the people that use it and see the effort put in :blush:

Tracker updated and many thanks for the comments and suggestions it’s much appreciated :grin:

Try LibreOffice www.libreoffice.org/discover/libreoffice/ I used to use OpenOffice but switched to LibreOffice years ago


Just a small update added newer sets, and some tiny improvements, Download from the link as I’m not sure it will load the online version


Hey all,

I’ve made an update for the tracker that I hope you find useful, and please any feedback is welcome :grinning:

Hey, I have a question for you all, I’ve been thinking about adding market prices to this workbook and I’ve created a link to a website using a scraping method to get the data but I’m no expert in this field I’m not sure how to go about it or if it’s even possible to have it working for other users, does anyone have any advice? please