Pokemon Sweepstakes Lottery Complete Set Japanese

How much do ‘Pokemon Sweepstakes Lottery Complete Set Japanese’ go for in ‘mint’ condition?

I’ve checked the well known sites and there either sold out (with no price stated) or they don’t stock them.

‘BrianJapan’ on eBay is selling a complete set for around $600 but that’s all I’ve found to go off.

I’ve been offered a set so trying to gauge a price.

Venusaur #012/P
Blastoise #013/P
Charizard #014/P
Meganium #015/P
Feraligator #016/P
Typhlosion #017/P

I would not pay more than $20 a piece for them. People have them listed outrageously high on ebay, which is why they are not selling. I have watched the same set re-listed for ages.

I purchased mine about $20 a piece right around the summer of 09. The prices you see on ebay are one’s that reflect the ideal value when they were first released.

I’ve been offered them at $180 for the set and he’s firm with his price.

Not sure if to go through with it or not although they do seem to hardly come up for sale.

Is that Brian?

Say to him no thanks. Try out Y!J - you’ll eventually get them for cheaper.

Having said that, Scott is wrong to assume that prices can’t go up since he bought it :stuck_out_tongue:

Brian wants $600 lol.

It’s someone else who has offered me them at $180 for the set.

Could you put a value on them Dogma?


So around $200 seems a fair price?

Iv got that auction.

Congrats m786ali. Why did the auction end at GBP 130 even though the second highest bid was only GBP 110?

becky, yes, around $200 seems a fair price today.

What do you mean by that?

The reserve was 130 but i offered the seller another offer instead without any fees so he will send a cancelation request and he will get the fees back as well.

Iv been wanting these for quite a while so i though might as well get it

i reckon it is a decent price.

I won that auction, how is he selling to you?

Reserve was met and I was highest bidder.

What do you mean he’s sending a cancelation? He hasn’t done and I’ve been in contact with him within the last few hours regarding payment and he’s fine waiting until I’ve said I’ll pay…

Daria - it ended at £130 as that was the reverse and my max bidder was a little higher than £130. So, because my max bid was over the reserve I think it made my bid meet the reserve, I assume that’s what happened?

$20 a piece sounds about right for them, however theres always charizard inflation that you have to pay. I think I got my charizard for $70. So, $180 sounds good for a full set together. I had to buy my individually, I would’ve gladly payed $180 for a set rather than waiting around for deals.

becky and m786ali, thanks for the explanations about the reserve and congratulations to both of you for winning this auction. It seems that becky won a fraction more because the winner has 207 feedback and becky has 207 while m786ali has 208 - but who am I to decide who won. Perhaps even more winners will step forward in the next few hours - congratulations to all of them!

Daria, how can 2 people win one auction? The seller only has 1x sweepstakes set.

I was highest bidder I don’t understand how M7 can also win?

Yes I have 207 feedback, there’s no bids from anyone with 208 feedback in the bidding list…

Second chance offer is always possible. I purchased mine by second chance offers.

Isn’t that only available if the highest bidder fails to pay? He can’t sell two sets, he only has one…

I emailed him prior to bidding to say if I won the auction I won pay by such a date, he said that’s fine. I have a copy of this email.

Yeah. I haven’t paid yet as I’m paying on the date we agreed on prior to me bidding.

There’s nothing in my eBay about him wanting to cancel or anything but he could completley sell outside of eBay.

I’ve emailed him.

He might have two sets. The person I bought from had 3.

Definitely only has one.

Seller emailed me back.

yea…those lottery promos people want at least 40-50 a piece for them which is so not worth it since they are always relisted.i got my full set for about 40 shipped using yahoo japan for the very first time and it was worth it for that much.