JPN Lottery Shinies

I’ve seen very inconsistent prices on these. I figured this would be a better place than the 'Gym to inquire… what could I expect to pay for a full set? I think a Rayquaza or two sold at $100 BIN on eBay, but I’ve also seen Kyogre, Groudon, and the others go for between $30-$50.

I got my set for about $120 on YJ!

Hey Politoed, these just sold recently on eBay, all of them between $30-45. Even the Rayquaza was less than $40

Yeah, that’s what I saw. I think part of it actually might be the English release of the shinies… the same artwork is available at a considerably cheaper price. Ah well. I’ll hunt around for a bargain.

yea after the american announcement of these shinys were told majority of the value died down for the JPN ones.i brought my sealed set of the legenday 6 for 115 shipped.the foil of the shinys in call of legends is the same as the 3 tin ones we got near the end of the year.