Pokemon Southern Islands 2

E4 Art Contest - Southern Islands Special Edition


I’ll send a PSA 9 holo Ledyba to whoever does this

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I don’t know why I thought of this but it’s felt like the right vibe


@brendantheclayboy @azulryu


Well it’s the annual art contest and we believe in making it as creatively limitless as possible so I don’t imagine we will be doing something so specific to encompass the contest as a whole. Maybe one year we have a southern islands category, that’s an idea. :face_with_monocle:


Was thinking the same thing and would be must easier to incorporate. There could be an “era” category that changes each year.

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Dude yes! If we make this a themed art contest, it would be amazing!


What if there is no contest, and whoever takes it on for fun gets a free card? :man_shrugging:

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Azul and I just run the annual art contest on the forum… if people want to make southern islands art for fun and post it here or whatever, and make cards of the art for each other, I don’t see how he or I would be the arbiter of that right they have to do so. If that’s why you’re replying to me. It wouldn’t be any different than cyberurchin or bbobrob posting their art in the arts n crafts thread!

On a not so unrelated note we are about to begin talks about this year’s contest and we already have one trophy done by decoypalmette, so I’m excited to announce it soon, almost that time of the year already :grin: