Pokemon related spots to vist in Japan

What are some nice spots/shops/cafes/… related to Pokemon that are worth the visit in Japan?
Do you prefer one specific Pokemon Center more?


PS: pokemon emojis when?


akihabara is nerd central. it’s a neighborhood dedicated to cards, games, electronics and anime.


As mentioned already, Akihabara is a good place to walk around and see lot’s of various Pokémon stuff; the Tokyo DX Pokémon Center was my favorite of the ones in Tokyo, but there isn’t a bad one


Honestly they have A LOT of tat and the queue for the checkout counters can be beyond absurd on weekends and evenings, but you can check out each of the Pokemon Centers because they all have really well made statues and displays. Also Shibuya Parco has the Nintendo store and a Pokémon Center (with a sick Mewtwo statue) on the same floor, which is fun. And often nearby there are some impressive Pokemon related artworks on display. Personally I only visit on weekdays because of the crowds and queues though.


I’ve not been to every Pokemon Centre (although I’ve been to most) and I like the one in Nihonbashi quite a bit - has a nice art display in the entrance (games through the generations) and seems to be less busy (although I might be biased by the times I usually drop by there compared to other places)

Other than that the Yokohama Pokemon Centre is worth a visit as there are also two card stores on the floor below that I’ve bought many interesting cards from in the past (although their stocks don’t seem to be as varied as they used to be)

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