Japan Trip - Tokyo or Osoaka for best Pokemon stuff :D

Ok for 1 year I’ve been trying to plan a mini relaxation holiday to Japan. After 6 trips I’ve finally found a way to spend 3 days in Japan before a business trip so I can just relax absorb the culture and buy some cool stuff :grin:

I would like to spend a day or so looking around for some old Pokemon cards, old (bandai) yugioh cards, old JP DBZ Carddass. Mostly Pokemon cards (few sets I wouldn’t mind picking some singles and promos for). Also visiting a Pokemon centre but there is at least one in both cities.

My question is since I’ve seen some members with friends in Japan should i fly into Osaka or Tokyo, Which city has the best access to old back singles and old memorabilia?

I’m leaning to Tokyo because when I was younger I visited there and really wanted to see more and also Akihabara is the center of all things awesome.

Any advice for anyone who had been there or has contacts in either city would be great, I’m heading off 28th of May so quick replies would be great about any info or cool places to visit in either city.


I think Tokyo is the better choice. There is actually two Pokemon Centera (there is Tokyo and Tokyo Bay) since it is a huge city I’m sure you’ll find lots of shops like that.


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Wow amazing, you should try to find a couple of pitch’s pikachu, they are selling for big bucks now.

@aj1 not really. I’d hardly say 2500-3500円 is “big bucks”

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Well, on ebay they are selling triple that :wink:

Well then get it on Y!J?
I don’t see what point you are trying to make…
If you can get a card cheap somewhere why would you value it from someplace else?
It’s like comparing apples to oranges.

Not everyone knows or can use YJ! eBay is larger and worldwide and would be a better source for an items actual value.

I wish I could. I don’t know Japanese. Is there a good way to have the site translated. Site translator with google doesn’t work.

IIRC There is a guide here :blush:

I would suggest Tokyo if you’re pressed for time.

I also PM’d you with regards to PSA submission.

Wow thanks that sounds like some solid info! I’ll try plan around what you’ve mentioned :blush:

Id like to visit a pokemon center but I’m not so into newer things.

Do you have any specific info on places where I could find used/collector goods?

Dude I’m envious! What a sweet trip! Have a grand time! :blush:

I’m in Tokyo, so I obviously know this city better than Osaka (though I have visited there about a half-dozen times).

I’d say visit Tokyo. You’ve got the two Pokemon Center stores, plus Akihabara, Nakano Broadway and Ikebukuro.