Pokemon Plush Sale!

Hey everyone! I am posting this for my girlfriend (e2d2). She has a decent plush collection and is selling a few because she moved and is saving for a tv (her first tv)!

Some of the plushes are the only ones listed on ebay, Pokemon center promos, pokedolls and a couple ufo plushies. Right now two are listed but more will be up tomorrow.

Here are the two that are up so far

Pikachu Pumpkin limited edition Only one on ebay! This is a pokemon center limited edition plush. The only one I could find of this online was listed at $60.

Pikachu 2008 UFO prize plush

Piplup Christmas plush

Turtwig UFO plush

Grimer Pokemon Center plush Only one on ebay! Super cute!

If anyone is interested just post on here. I will keep this updated when the new ones are listed tomorrow.

Try pkmncollector too, they are famous for trading plush

Thanks dogma! I actually ran into that site searching for prices. I am in the dark completely on plushes.

Speak to Cally, SuiKune etc.

They’re both known in that community (where isn’t Cally known?) and they should be able to give you some tips about plush.

You need to get permission to trade with pkmncollector but I’m assuming for you it’ll be a formality…