Pokemon Pikachu Illustrator Fakes - REPORT LISTINGS

Hey Folks!

So if you could all do me a huge favour and report these links, that’d be swell. Let’s stop these people from distributing the fakes to the hands of collectors.

Link 1
Link 2

Have a nice night all. How long do you think it’ll take to take these down?

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I would say counterfeit. It says right in the bottom it is fake. So either one works?


Both reported multiple times.



This is ridicies that there is a fake card that sell for dis price… Now I just wanna say you think he would atleast use a card that was in awesome condition on the back, BUT NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO ITS FAKE PLUS ITS FUCKING GOT WHITENING ALL OVER THAT SHIT. WTF!

Secondly I have seen artwork designed by people that is for pure collectors purposes or whatever like those dark magician girl nakedy kind of posed yu-gi-oh cards that someone designed themselves… bUT thats completely different… Those cards were designed by somone dem selves… This illustrator is true fraudulence/steeling.

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Reported :blush:

Reported. I am surprised they would still be up this far down the report train line.

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They still have not been removed.

Reported as well.

He has 100% feedback and several items for sale. Let him sell it hes not passing it off as real. And there is plenty of people that might want it because the real one cost a leg. I wouldn’t report him. Neither am I being sarcastic.

I think that something should be done if someone is making money on someone else’s hard work. It is like saying if I went around selling paintings of the Mona Lisa, but I clarified they were fake that that’d be okay.

Copyright infringement is still copyright infringement even if you tell people you are doing it. Go stand outside Disney world selling your own screen printed Mickey Mouse shirts and souvenirs under their prices. See how that works out.

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So you guys havent downloaded anything in your entire lives instead of buying it?

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The disclaimer is simply the fact that he/she did not alter the illustrators name to him/herselves though. Plus its only a fraction of the price if he were to claim that its real then we have a problem.

As @gottaketchumall stated earlier, copyright infringement is still copyright infringement. There is a reason that companies get things trademarked, copyrighted, patented etc. They spent hours and the time to create their ideas and characters. Why would someone spend all that time and money so someone else could profit off their work?

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I would buy one. If the illustrator doesnt care why should I. He is not claiming that it is his/her work.

Your’e right. But not everyone has $10,000 to spend on a card that is rarer than gold. Why do they make cards? Because were buying them.

Maybe im biased since Im not the pokemon company.

Yeah I understand hence why all my cards are real. The way you put it makes me realize that you’re right. I guess I would make a copy for myself, but selling them would be out of the question. Keep reporting him, not that you need my permission or anything.

P.s. your integrity as a collector is very respectful.

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