Pokemon - odd cards from East Europe - Serbia

*Hello guys,

Its is my first post on this forum. I come from Serbia, and I am 26 years old. I will leave the introduction for introduction topic, but I am glad to be here although I am sport card collector,but I also became Pokemon collector since my little nephew loves Pokemon‘s.

In this topic I would like to discuss about strange collection I came across.
It was distributed and manufactured in Podgorica ,Montenegro.
It is self-adhesive sticker card, and can be either kept in binder or sticked into the album.

Here is how sticker cards look together with packs.

Anyone has idea of valuation ? I know I never seen it, but I have enough packs maybe to try to make some nice pulls or even complete a set ?

they can even be glued into album

I am really interested in knowing the value, in my opinion it is very unique, but I am here to ask experts.
I am maybe thinking of selling them on Ebay if they have some tremendous value.

So an interesting cards, holly grail ,or another mass production (I am pretty sure its not mass production, but who knows)

Thanks in advance, happy to be part of this community.*