New to the club and full of questions!

So I was an avid collector earlier on in life and now I’ve got, what I think, a really cool collection of the early Pokemon cards from both here and japan. I’m not sure exactly what I’ve got since I’m now new to Pokemon (again) so I figure you guys could help me out! I’ve got pictures of the cards in their protector so let me know if I have cards that are cool or cards that should be treated more carefully (yelling and scolding is permitted). Thanks guys/gals, look forward to learning from y’all.

Edit: the pictures are too big, please stand by

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Japanese gym collection.


Japanese southern islands never opened
some various holo and non holo rarer cards


The rest of the rarer cards


Also, the conditions of your cards makes a huge difference in how much they are worth. The Charizard from the Base Set is the mot valuable card in your collection right now at around $15-$25.

Welcome to UPCCC :blush:

In your first three attachments you have a mix from the two Japanese gym sets, the gym Japanese theme decks (that’s where the holo gym leader cards came from), Japanese Jungle, and Vending series cards (these have a glossy finish, pokeball logo, and are really cool to collect!).

Southern Islands was mass produced and easy to acquire, but it’s still a nice set. The one with Mew is the most valuable iirc. Then after that you have a good mix of English set cards from the early sets as Reina pointed out.

Welcome! Are you going to be building your collection from here on out?

Second that :wink:

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The collection will grow much more now and probably with a goal and a systematic approach rather than just buying and randomly trading like I did in the early 2000’s